Tuesday, January 11, 2011


oh, hi New Year.

My New Year's Rezzies this year are as follows:

1- Dental care. I will take better care of my teeth and see a dentist.

2- Skin care. I will not let myself become a wrinkled mess at age 30. I will remove make-up before bed always. I will moisturize and use anti-aging creams.

3- Finances. Oh money. I will spend less and save more. Or spend more wisely? Something. Guess I need to sit down with my financial advisor and set a better budget for 2011. Don't want to blow my billions on champagne and ice this year. That's
sooo 2010.

4- I will make amends. With my Uptown Girl Followers. aka you.


It is hard for me to write and blog when I try to filter myself. I don't like to be guarded with you. I like to spill all my beans and then some. I like to gab away like a teenager loitering outside 7/11 at midnight. Yet, I've been hesitant. I'm not ready to tell you all the deets about mi vida as of late. And when I'm filtering I just have nothing to say slash I clam up slash I get a little writer's block.

I know it's hard to believe that I have this one-and-only flaw.

I'm SO sorry for deserting blogland at large and in particular my 53 loyal followers.
I've been uber caught up in my off-the-grid happenings (dating) that I've neglected to blog... I have thought about what to tell the blogosphere about my boy without disclosing his exact name and address.

To start, this is his blog-protected name and addy:

Uptown Boyfriend
UpperWest Sweet Street
New York, NY <3<3

I've been dating a wonderful man. He lives Uptown. Obvi. Would you expect anything less else? Oh, and in case you're wondering - which I know you are - he is NOT the secret admirer-stalker that lives in my building. That would be too cliche in a romantic horror movie way.
I prefer to be cliche in a romantic comedy way. Just call me Sentimental-Susie. That's not my name, but you can still call me that if you want to.


Mary said...

i. love. you. just saying. :)

The Artisann said...

i----------love the movie enchanted. esp when she makes dresses out of curtains!

totes excited about the bf. and glad i got to (briefly) meet him!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Love your rez's....your top three are also on my list.

Okay and I have to ask, does this bf know about your super fabulous blog? Its kind of a cool secret way to talk about him:D he he...

JMay said...

I love your resolutions as well, practical (like the Swede) ;-) Gotta get on the top 3 as well! Since you won't spill about le boy on le blog...will you on a way overdue Skype date?!

Uptown Girl said...

the bf knows about the blog... I haven't exactly shown it to him yet. But he knows it exists which makes me hesitant to spill the beans here. All good beans tho!

Jenny- Skype is happening. Has to happen. fyi I still don't know how to do it, but I will find out!

I Wonder Wye said...

You and your upgtown guy must be working out very well....congrats...like your resolutions...

Urban Mom said...

I would add one thing to the resolutions for skin care.... sunscreen. And oh yeah, sunscreen.


I'm 41 now, and I can tell who has been using it for years and who, well, *hasn't.*

Hope the romance is going well and that things are faaaaabulous in your world!