Friday, January 29, 2010


Today I am consuming a delectable mixture of:
M&Ms and Snyder's pretzels
for a late breakfast.
[I'm a pretzel snob]And I'm leaving the office in about 30 minutes
for my half day.
Happy Friday to me!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

did my filter take the day off?

Sometimes I don't know why I say things. Unacceptable sentiments fly out of my mouth like a bee from a hive. It is so hard being an Uptown Girl! I have many opinions that matter, but I don't really want to share them with everyone all the time. Hence the blog...

This afternoon I explained to two coworkers - male doctors - that I don't think men should wear pink. While they were both wearing pink ties!
My personal preferences are always often eventually converted into universally held beliefs, but this was not one of those important topics. I mean, I don't care if those coworkers wear pink. As long as I don't have to see a pink tie on a date or on a man I like (and I do mean like like, not just like), it really doesn't matter to me.

And yet, my filter was so fried today that at the very moment I needed it to sift out unnecessary commentary, it was busy malfunctioning! Time to get out of this place and go recharge and reboot the filter connecting my brain and my mouth.
Ummm anywho.... while we're on the subject... how do you feel about men in pink?

would you wear these?

I would never wear these
Interesting to view,
but not to look through.
That is one Uptown Girl's opinion.
Please do share...
are you a fan?
Do you want these on your dollface?
Do you dig it? Can you rock the casbah?
I hope to have at least one follower daring enough to don these fashion icons/fashion faux pas.
Whatever the case may be.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

today's inspiration

This morning's hump-day post by Ann had a lovely painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

When I saw that, all of a sudden I had my inspiration and went surfing the web for Renoir's paintings. It's right up my alley. I heart many many impressionist, post-impressionist, and expressionist paintings. I just gravitate towards them. When I seldom make it over to the Met, I prefer to stay put amidst the VanGogh's, Renoir's, Manet's, and Monet's.

So, since I've been blatantly stealing my post-inspirations from fellow rockstar bloggers, I'm posting pics of some Renoir's that speak to me today.
The Luncheon of the Boating Party. I want to be there right now. At that luncheon. In that painting. It looks like an uptown group of friends playing hooky from work... obvi. Maybe we are in Connecticut for the day chilling with our bestie, Alexis, who recently moved and now has oodles and oodles of acres all for her lonesome.

[aside: FYI, that's what an Uptown Girl does if and when she leaves the UES- she gets herself some land and some nature and a freestanding clawfoot tub in CT or NJ. Close enough to make it back to the homeland for time with her besties and visits to Alice's Tea Cup, but far enough to see the stars at night. Then, when she misses me too much, she will inevitably move back. Done and doner. And donest.]

In the painting, I think I'd fit right next to that dude from Williamsburg standing against the railing in his beater tank top and wearing Alexis' straw hat.
Oh, that brings me to the next painting...
The Dance at Bougival. This puts the funniest image in my head. I'm thinking... did this old-time uptown girl know she was dancing with a quintessential hipster? Is there an indie song playing? Could that poss be my nomadic brother behind that beard? Did Renoir and his cronies start the whole hipster trend back in their olden times?

What is inspiring you today? Do you have some paintings that stick in your mind like gum on my Prada heels? tme [remember tme=tell me everything]!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Jakie Jake

Dearest Jake Bachelor,

I could never be your wife. Please stop sending me the weekly roses.

I don't even like red roses as much as white, or pink, or peach. Obvi, if you knew me better you would know this. The problem is that you want to hop into a full-on relationship on the first date. Or group-date. It's not fair to me. Or to anyone.

Stop telling me to "open up" to you. Again, I barely know you and you are totally dating 5 other women. Why the heck would I tell you my deeper than deep and dark as night (night in Montana, not in NYC bc that isn't dark at all) secrets? And what pray tell are your secrets anyway? I haven't heard of you opening up to any of the other girls or skanks.

So that's it. I'm out. And for the record, maybe you should marry Vienna. She told you all her secrets and cried and also she thinks you are a hunk in flannel. Isn't that what you are looking for in a girl?

Best of luck in your search.

Sincerely but sans the x and the o,

Uptown Girl

ps- for a great re-cap of last night's episode click here.

Friday, January 22, 2010

wknd ready

It is 3:53pm and I am counting the minutes. The seconds really. Well, no counting, but I'm weekend ready.
Here's the dealio: tonite I go out with a bunch of friends. This means that today there is a multitude of texting and gchatting going down. Yes, we're going to a couple of bars and I picked the first one... bc it has skeeball and a photobooth. How romantical.
Manana my little bro is acting in a play in NJ. So the long haul to NJ out starts in the wee hours. Around 11am. Ouch, just the thought of that is hurting my mind. Little bro happens to be a superb actor and I'm sure will steal the show, so at least that will make up for the early morning train ride. The day will not be complete without some extra NJ family time, a bagel, and several cups of coffee. You know how I do.

And on Sunday? Well, thank you for asking. Sunday I relax to the max. Run, throw a little church in there for good measure, and then.... brunch maybe? ice skating? jewelry shopping? tv watching? museum going? couch potatoing? cooking? baking? brunch? The options are endless. Anything can happen.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you... also my roomie is dyeing my hair again tonight so prepare for the dark and mysterious Uptown Girl to resurface. It faded really nicely, but those gray mother f-ers are everywhere. I say that in the nicest possible way. Really. I just want them gone. Dead. And the dye is the best way I know. Goodbye ugly tormenting gray hairs! Sayonara suckers!

Excuse me, I was getting a little carried away there. That's what happens when I feel passionate about a topic. Ahem. Where was I?


Oh yes, I'm so so so so so so ready for the weekend. And now that I have my own laptop I can even check the blogs when I'm not at work (yet, I still get so much inspiration to post while working. or at midnight. either/or.). I'm a pretty big deal.

Happy Friday Blogizzle! What are you up to this fair weekend? What are your plans, your hopes, your dreams...?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Apparently you don't like taking quizzes... strange. don't you enjoy being judged??

I like quizzes so much that: I went to college for 6 years.

I like quizzes so much that: in school I thought a pop quiz was a surprise party.

I like quizzes so much that: I did the personality profile test on eHarmony for fun [aside: maybe I joined maybe I didn't. I like to remain mysterious.]

I like quizzes so much that: I've taken online tests to find out what flavor chapstick I resemble, what Jane Austen character I'd be, and how well I know the Goonies.

I like quizzes so much that: I will give you my answers to the below quiz.

1- I was 13 when I had my first real kiss, and Meatloaf was playing at a dance.

2- (D) Christmas decs from mid-December to early January

3- (C) I'm a little obsessed with Criminal Minds lately. It makes me sort of paranoid, but that Dr. Reed... yumm.

3- (B) A nice new bedframe would be just the thing. Also, did anyone notice that I have two #3s listed?

4- (B) This one is a toss-up, but I'd have to say English was the only subject I liked multiple years in a row.

5- (B) You know I love my Oldies. I can't believe you had to ask...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the time has come

Oh I think you know what I'm saying.

It's quiztime on the blogizzle fo rizzle!

That's right, this is the part where I ask some random and bordering on weird questions and you answer! How excited are you?!?

Question 1: When was your first kiss and what song was playing?
a- ok this might not be the best multiple choice question...
b- just answer it

Question 2: How do you feel about Christmas decorations?
a- I don't celebrate the holiday, but I still put up a tree!
b- If I want to see holly and lights I can head to Macy's. Not in my home.
c- They are the bestest! I keep them up from November til March and compete in a neighborhood contest called "Try Not to Set the Block on Fire with the Brightness".
d- Christmas decorations are def my thang - but let's keep it close to Christmas peeps.Question 3: Which tv show do you prefer?
a- How I Met Your Mother - that Lily is just hilario!
b- White Collar - ummm have you seen the main character? what a hottie...
c- Criminal Minds - serial killers exist? ok, why not?
d- Project Runway - yeah, I'm in love with Tim Gunn. Is that so surprising?
Question 3: Dream piece of furniture?
a- That rattan chair I've had my eye on since junior high.
b- A new bed to replace my old yet practical futon.
c- Three words: La-z-boy. Obvi, I can't believe you even asked me that.
d- Another mirror, so I can admire myself from over there in addition to over here.
Question 4: Fave high school subject. Yeah, even if you don't remember a thing.
a- Math. Everybody knows that numbers are the coolest.
b- English. Hello, learning to read and write brought me to where I am today... to this very awesome blog!
c- History. I learned what not to do to screw up the future.
d- Science. Freaky experiments are my thing.

Question 5: What kind of music makes you happy when you're feeling blue?
a- Pop. Dancing my cares away to the latest hits always lightens my mood.
b- Oldies. How can I listen to those golden oldies and not smile?
c- R&B. I can sing my heart out and feel it all. It helps if I can cry it out actually...
d- Indie. I'm a hipster, not a teenager in angst, please recognize the difference.

Ok, go ahead and post your answers as your comment, and def let me know if you post a follow-up quiz on your blog. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

ps- as always, adding 'e' other and giving your explanation is a-ok.

Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm back from my lodging weekend away with a new insight to share.

You know how I said I was going to spend a little time in the spa on Saturday? Well, I did. And after my short run I swam a very few laps in the pool as I waited for a good hot tub soak. Soaking would commence as soon as the spa peeps were done chemically cleaning the hot tub for me.

Interestingly enough, it never came to that. And this is why... the very second that the hot tub was 'clean', it was filled with other guests and turned on for a full blast hot bubble fest. Here comes my insight. Ready? As I considered moving from pool to hot tub I realized something so deep and moving that I knew I would later share that thought with all of Blogland.

My insight: soaking in a full hot tub is like taking a bath with strangers - bathing in their filth. Eww. Sick.

Do you truly believe that they all showered off before getting in? No way. I know I didn't shower before getting into the pool since I couldn't figure out how to turn on the spa showers and assumed they were broken. They weren't broken and I later figured out the problem but that is a story for another day. The point is, I don't even want to imagine all the possible disgustingness swimming in there amongst the awkward conversation with random travellers.

This really only came to mind because I felt super awk about hopping into the hot tub when it was full of people I didn't know or care to meet. And, no, there weren't any cute guys in said spa that afternoon. Don't you think I would've mentioned that by now?

It was a disappointing experience all in all because my hot tub dream soak consisted of me, myself, and I. Alone in the hot tub. Not sitting amongst dirty strangers. And not missing my soak completely only to try the steam room instead and then figure out the ancient shower situation.

If I ever choose to knowingly enter a crowded hot tub, I will only do so if it is filled with my besties or immediate family. That or uber hunky contestants vying for my affection as love looks for me on next season of The Bachelorette. No exceptions. I vow this to you tonight, in front of the world wide web and Mr. Asus mini-PC.
Well, it is past my bedtime and I must away so that I can get my beauty sleep and dream about your witty comments. Take care and be sure to stay away from public bathtubs hot tubs in the interim. I know I will.

Thoughts on having a jacuzzi installed in my apartment later this week?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

do you ski?

No, I don't ski. I lodge.

Right now I'm sitting in a ski lodge with Mr. Asus "Tiny" Laptop. We are here lodging. Drinking coffee. Contemplating the addition of Bailey's Irish Cream to said coffee. But staying strong because it is only 11:15am and alcohol at this hour is unladylike. Ahem. Where was I?

I was invited on a ski trip to Vermont for the long weekend. And here I am. Lodging. I lodge while 8 of the others ski or board, and one guy is still back at the condo snoozing the day away. He must not know about the possibility of coffee with Bailey's...I look out the ginormous window to my right and I see white. White slopes with people flying down them. It is way different from NYC.
Let me count the ways:
1- I can see the sky
2- I can see trees
3- No buildings other than my lodge
4- Zero pollution
5- People have these boards attached to their feet that seem quite dangerous
6- Everyone is relaxed
7- People talk to each other and smile

What is this place?? Is this a very cold heaven?

One of the best parts of this trip is that I just went with it. No planning at all. Two friends did all the research and legwork and the rest of us simply showed up. I landed in Queens after work last night to be whisked away. I had no knowledge of directions, destination in VT, accommodations, or even who all would be joining us. Now this is my recipe for re-lax-a-tion. No stress, no responsibility, and a spa.

Oh, didn't I mention my spa?? Back at the condo there is a spa with a gym, pool, and hot tub where I'll lodge myself after I meet the ski-bunnies for lunch here in my lodge. I plan to run on the treadmill, shower off, and then soak in the hot tub until my fingers are the texture of raisins. Or old people skin. Am I making you jealous? Oh, so sorry. Really.

Time to go relax, lodge, read, eat, drink, and be merry! ttfn!

Friday, January 15, 2010

help Haiti now...

Please see Own it for multiple links and ways to help Haitians through the earthquake and resulting catastrophic suffering. I'll be volunteering at charity:water, let me know if you want to join. Thanks for posting everything Liza! Sharing is caring.


Did you know that "ttfn" is one of those acronyms that people use on the internet? I have a few in my repertoire. LMAO. WTF. OMG. CMU. AMWS. TWT.

Ok, I made up the last three. When you say something so often you just need to abreve it. Am I right or am I right? Totes.

CMU= cracking myself up
... CMU is one that I use on the regular bc I'm always dying laughing at the funny things I type. If the other person doesn't get it, well, too bad for them, that's not really mi problema is it?

AMWS= as Mom would say
... AMWS needs a little explanation. It is to be used after I type something along the lines of "that's so played out... AMWS" or "you are just the bomb! -AMWS". Usually this is used when g-chatting it up with my sister or brother, but sometimes I like to assume that everyone I know will know that my mom is pretty up on the slang urban dictionary teen talk. That said, she generally picks up on the new phrases when they happen to be on their way out the proverbial door. And then she holds onto them tightly and uses her groovy words and phrases for as long as we both shall live. Neato. You might think this is kind of annoying. But you'd be wrong and also kind of a jerk to think that about my mom. It is in the top five most adorable, endearing, lovable, cute things about my mom. You could use my fave word and say "how sacot is UG's mom!". Go ahead. Practice using the word "sacot" now. Wow, this is a big day for your vocab.

TWT= time will tell
... isn't this one just obvious? When someone asks me a direct question yet I'm not prepared with a direct answer, I respond "twt". For example: "Hey UG, you going to that black tie gala on the yacht this weekend?". If I'm not sure whether I'm going, I'll respond "Not sure yet, twt".

Anyway, we all have a few of these up our sleeves to throw out there when we wanna say something clever yet avoid typing extra letters on our keyboards. Ain't no thang. This is 2010, why work our over-texted fingers to the bone unnecessarily?

Here is the problem. Oh, you didn't know there was a problem?
1- There is.
2- Try to be a little more perceptive.

I don't always know what everybody's acronyms stand for. Also, I haven't master that "never end a sentence in a proposition" thing.
The cya l8r category has baffled me since the moment I first signed up for AIM back when the internet was a new fad in 9th grade.

I remember being at my "friend's" house (I use the term "friend" loosly here) and we were chatting online with random boys we didn't know. I truly thought that this was the meaning of the world wide web: sneaking onto a computer to meet and communicate with boys (strangers). In more recent years the same concept has turned into a more formal version of internet dating. My 15 year old self should prob take credit for the business model. No big deal, and to all of you who've met the love of your life on the internet... you're quite welcome.

Anywho, even then, a boy (stranger) would sign off with "ttyl". I'd then sit and think about it.
And think about it.
And think.
Thinking: what does that mean?
Thinking: should i know this one? have I seen it before?
Thinking: I hope he asks for my beeper number.
Thinking: Oh yeah! ttyl= talk to ya later! Got it! Geez, I wish we learned about this stuff in school, I'd definitely stay awake for that class.
Thinking: Too bad I'll never use anything I learn in school in the real world. Thinking: I hope I have a boyfriend by the time I graduate and enter this "real world". That'd be the bomb.

Alright, so I've mastered the sign-off lingo: ttyl, ttys, cya, cya l8r, etc etc. Or so I thought.

Someone recently typed "ttfn" in g-chat. I immediately racked my brain. Tried to figure it out. I thought I'd cracked the code thinking it was "talk to ya F-ing never". And then I was cracking up bc I thought it was pretty hilario. Especially because it was a g-chat with a guy I am always mean to (it's fun to be mean to him- don't knock it til you try it). I just thought he was taunting me. But alas. I was wrong.

Do you know was "ttfn" means?? I'll give you a few chances to guess and then I'll tell you.

But, maybe everybody knows this one already.... hrmmm ok tell me 2 things in your comment: your guess/what you know "ttfn" means + your favorito internet/texting acronym.

and GO!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Asus update

Now that I've had my baby laptop for a little longer I must admit that I'm enjoying it.

Did I lower my expectations of what the Asus should be? Yes. Did I open my heart a smidge to let the lil guy in? Totes. Am I in love with Mr. Asus? Negativo. Is the speed way faster if I give the laptop a little TLC and some time to warm up before I dive in and open 10 internet pages simultaneously? Maybe. Am I in love with having my own personal computer in my apt? You betcha.

And there you have it.
I'm going to stop complaining about my brandie new miniature laptop and start appreciating the perks and benefits. Guess I just had to get over the shock of realizing the imperfection.

Kind of like with this season of The Office. Once I finally admitted that it just isn't as good as it used to be, I could just enjoy it for what it had become. A mediocre sitcom that used to be stellar. I will always have a special place in my heart for The Office, for Jim&Pam's love, and for Angela's embittered anger. It's only right. I will always care about the storyline and laugh out loud (ok more like cackle if you must know) at the jokes.

A couple years back, watching shows like The Office and Arrested Development on Netflix helped me laugh at a time when my life looked bleak. I couldn't help but escape right into the inane hilarity of it all. And forget my own troubles.

Or I'd remember my troubles but decide that "hey, at least my arm didn't get eaten by a sea lion"... "I'm so lucky that I don't have a boss like Michael and a co-worker like Dwight"... and "if GOB can get through his divorce from his wife that he married on a dare, I know my life will be ok".

And my life was ok. And in time, with a lot of laughter and an adorable Asus computer, my life is better than just ok. You know I had to work the Asus back into this post somehow.

Sent from my Asus Eee.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

good girl gone bad

You caught me.

I'm posting at work again.

Blogging my heart out.

Please answer me this...
Why does inspiration always hit me when I'm at work??
Is it really so so bad to travel to Blogland when you have multiple voicemails?
And if it is, why does it feel so good?

Monday, January 11, 2010

another starstruck fan

Story of my life. I can't go anywhere, (and I mean anywhere) without being recognized and approached by my public. This is the life of an Uptown Girl, I get it. But it doesn't mean that I'm immune to the pressures of my role as the most famous New York socialite. Once in awhile it'd be nice to simply blend in- to be an 'everyman', one of the little people. A girl can dream.

Friday night I went out to a birthday party for my dear friend across town followed by another social engagement downtown. I do leave the Upper Eastside on occasion, don't be so surprised. The quickest way to get from place to place was the subway, so I gave my driver the night off and dove right in to this underground adventure.

On the subway I was noticed right away of course. I even happened to bump into a fellow celeb. How refreshing, right?!?

Here I am with Scott Adsit of 30 Rock, and my friend (another Uptown Girl). Turns out Scott was pretty excited by the encounter and wanted to take a pic with us.
Here we are walking and talking in the subway station. I gave him some advice and lent him a few of my jokes. I do keep a few jokes and words of wisdom up my sleeve for emergencies such as this. I predict that, as a direct result of our chance encounter, Scott's career at 30 Rock will soar to even higher heights. Obvi. I'm pretty much a good luck charm.

But, I'm not gonna lie... meeting this funny comedian man was not-so-secretly the highlight of my eventful and fab weekend. Also, Scott is better looking in person than on the show. Cute. I fell in love and I told him so. But, alas, he is out of my self-imposed age range and his train was clearly not on it's way to the Upper Eastside. I think we all know what that means.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

sad little netbook.

I did it. I bought my cute little Asus computer on Friday night after work.

Like (I can only imagine) a new mom bringing her baby home from the hospital, I brought my little computer home from BestBuy. And I nurtured it and loved it. And I named it. And I played with it.
When I turned on my Asus and signed onto the internet, I noticed something immediately. Mr. Asus is slower than a turtle in a race. Slower than a Sunday morning. Slower than my brain on Monday morning. AND - get this - my new Asus is just about as slow or possibly even slower than my slower than slow work computer. Did you get all that?
The Asus is just annoying the f-ing heck out of me. The heck I tell you! When I clickity click in one place I wait and nothing happens. Nothing happens. Wait wait wait. And then something is magically clicked on another part of the screen. I'm all "hello Mr. Asus, are you confused? Do you have any idea who I am???" No answer. Rude.

Another thing- I'll start typing and the letters don't show up right away. And then maybe not at all until I try again. And what happens a lot is that I'll be here typing and the letters show up in the wrong order. The Asus is misspelling my words. Or I am. Hard to say. Admittedly, this same problem occurs on every computer I use and often with pen and paper. But, let's just blame the Asus.

For a balanced approach, I decided to poll my live audience.
My sister Liza states: "It looks cool, but all you do is complain about it."
Liza's Tall Glass of Mantini, Shaken Not Stirred notes: "I haven't used it, but it looks really nice."
Our visiting canine, Holly: No comment.

So, there you have it.

Here's my plan:
Use the computer a little more.
See if I like anything about it.
See if anything improves with my love and care.
See if I can stop shouting curses at it.
Go to BestBuy and see if I can return this thing.
Meet a good looking geek on the Geek Squad.*
Go on a few dates with the geek.
Fall in love.
Then, my geek gives me an awesome but expensive laptop that is fast as lightning. Much like Kung Foo Fighting.
I blog all the time on my lightspeet computer.
I spell all words correctly.
I get a raise.
I buy a beach house.
So, you see, as frustrating as Mr. Asus has been so far, I'm open to giving it a chance knowing that I have a solid plan in place. The plan is such a comfort. It soothes me. I should probably mention that to my analyst. Jk- who sees analysts anymore? But, I'll mention it to my therapist. And to the Geek Squad.

*In truth, finding a good looking and normal geek on the Geek Squad is entirely unlikely in my experience. It would be a miracle.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Creepy Confrontation

Here is the latest. As you remember from here and here, I was recently trying to determine how to approach Creepy McCreeperson and let him know that I'm now in the boycotting business.

Well, this morning I did it. I stood at this coffeeman's cart with a friend who was ordering tea (don't worry, it was only tea). When he asked me if I wanted coffee, I declined.

UG: After that filter was in my coffee cup... I just can't drink your coffee anymore.
Creepy: Why not?
UG: (thinking- rly? why not? did you not hear me?) Because there was filter in my coffee, and then in my mouth, it left a bad taste.
Creepy: Ok, Happy New Year

Ok, so serio. The only thing stranger than Creepy not understanding the problem I have is the fact that he his now growing a soul patch. I hadn't seen him in so long that this newly grown facial hair really took me by surprise. Due to the soul patch I would've had to find a new coffeeman regardless of that filter incident. I mean... really.

In other news, please check out this pic and try to figure out what it is:
Stop stop stop all your guessing, I'll tell you. It is a pic I took with my camera-phone a couple days ago.

I made myself some yummy Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea in the office and when I finished it... well, now this is harder to admit than I even imagined...
I had somehow dropped the tea-tag into my yummy Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea and didn't know it until the end!! There. I said it.

For a minute I was in a state of post-traumatic shock (as you would expect). It reminded me of the coffee-filter incident and I was just perplexed at how this could keep happening to me.

Multiple occurrences when paper is waiting for me at the bottom of a hot beverage. Is this some sort of omen?? Do I believe in omens? No. But, if I did these would be my omen guesses:

1- Money is made of paper. Paper at the bottom of a hot bev. could mean that I'm coming into a lot of money. Therefore, a good omen.

2- The coffee-filter led to a soul patch on the Creepster. Maybe the tea-tag means some cute guy that I have my eye on will soon grow a soul patch. And then finally have the courage to ask me out. Therefore, a bad omen (who wants to be asked out by a guy with a soul patch? and after he had been so cute? how disappointing!).

3- hrmmm.... I gtg do some work now. Why don't you tell me your ideas for what the omen could mean? Go ahead. I know you want to. Get those creative juices flowing.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's not easy being GREEN

This little tiny 2 inch vial of medication was delivered to me in my office today. It has to be refrigerated. No big deal. I order and receive meds for patients all the time.
Right. Well, this tiny 2 inch vial arrived in this big box (1 foot, cubed). When I openned the box I saw that the brown cardboard box was then lined with a 2 inch deep styrofoam box filled with paper and a cooling pack and the little vial I need in a plastic bag.
Are they for rizzle? This happens all the time. Regularly. However, some pharmacies ship the medications in smaller or more environmentally friendly ways. This is just ridic.
And, you should know that everytime I receive a shipment like this I get upset and frustrated for the environment (and also because it is so annoying to open that styrofoam bit). See- I am so uber green. I recycle and I get irritated by things like this. And then I blog about it. Blogging is way greener than sending newsletters to each of you.
Also, this time I got so green that I called the company and left a message on the complaint line. Don't you think I'm moving up in the ranks from sage towards evergreen? What shade are you?
To save some energy I'll even send you each a virtual hug rather than giving you a real one: O
Saving the environment one post at a time. You're welcome.
Uptown Girl

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Rezzy Addendum

Already my readers fans have asked that I add some more resolutions to my list and give you some more of the legit ones. Truth be told- when I posted my rezzies earlier today (see here if you are too lazy to scroll down) I didn't have much time and do have more wisdom to add to your life. Please read: I was supposed to be working and had to make it a snappy post even tho I had more to say on the topic.

Here it goes.

Wait for it.

2010 Rezzies Continued

4- I will be more dedicated to my running. I made this resolution on my bday but it still applies. Running makes me feel good, stay healthy, and look amazing (ok more amazing if you must know). Lately I keep getting shin splints and they are starting to piss me off. Serio, it is so freaking rude I can't even tell you. If I feel them coming on during my run tonight I may or maynot call out "SeCURity!" in the gym and get all BonQuiQui up in there.

5- I resolve to party. More. And to let the papa-razzi snag my picture peacefully and without throwing my soon-to-be-new NetBook at their stalker selves. I will allow one glammed-out photo session biweekly. That seems fair. All rights reserved.

6- I will stay in touch. You may find this hard to believe, but I have been quite ridiculous these last few months. I haven't talked to my non-New Yorker besties (mostly college friends and Georgia Peaches) much and I need to catch up on all the good gossip. The juice, if you will. The dirty details of their lives that I'm not fortunate enough to witness. I will make some time and set aside some space for phone time. If I call one non-resident bestie per week I'd be good. Bc I miss you (you know who you are)!

7- I will wear my coat during work everyday this winter until someone resolves our office heating problema. I shouldn't have to deal with goosebumps. I'm an Uptown Girl you know, they're lucky I come to work at all. I should be out living my life of leisure and instead I so graciously work on the daily. Pfft!

8- I will take suggestions from you. Yes YOU, my blog-followers. You give me a topic to post about and I'm on it like white on rice ('white on rice' is Georgia-talk, obvi).

That's all for now. I'm Uptown Girl, but I am only one person. Like Mary Poppins, by 2009 2011 I will not only be practically perfect in every way, but I will also recognize what year I'm living in! So far I just can't get used to this 2010 thing. It is un-real.

2010 Rezzies

My list of 2010 New Year's Rezzies

1- I would like to grow an inch or 2. Contrary to what that mean, nasty, vile scale tells me, I am not overweight. I am simply under-height.

2- I will kiss a handsome man this year. Actually, make that a swoon-worthy man. Over at the Brunette Brigade I was reminded that kissing is an important part of any new year. Obvi.

3- I will get my very own NetBook. You know, one of those teensy tiny laptop computers. That way I can blog more often and with ease. Also I can read your blogs on the regular and comment like the madwoman that I am.

[Isn't this blinged out glittery cover to die for? B-A-N-A-N-A-S]

Feel free to keep me on task with these rezzies via reminders and NetBook suggestions and/or kindly introducing me to that swwonworthy fellow. Happy 2010 Blogizzle! Fo shizzle!