Friday, January 22, 2010

wknd ready

It is 3:53pm and I am counting the minutes. The seconds really. Well, no counting, but I'm weekend ready.
Here's the dealio: tonite I go out with a bunch of friends. This means that today there is a multitude of texting and gchatting going down. Yes, we're going to a couple of bars and I picked the first one... bc it has skeeball and a photobooth. How romantical.
Manana my little bro is acting in a play in NJ. So the long haul to NJ out starts in the wee hours. Around 11am. Ouch, just the thought of that is hurting my mind. Little bro happens to be a superb actor and I'm sure will steal the show, so at least that will make up for the early morning train ride. The day will not be complete without some extra NJ family time, a bagel, and several cups of coffee. You know how I do.

And on Sunday? Well, thank you for asking. Sunday I relax to the max. Run, throw a little church in there for good measure, and then.... brunch maybe? ice skating? jewelry shopping? tv watching? museum going? couch potatoing? cooking? baking? brunch? The options are endless. Anything can happen.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you... also my roomie is dyeing my hair again tonight so prepare for the dark and mysterious Uptown Girl to resurface. It faded really nicely, but those gray mother f-ers are everywhere. I say that in the nicest possible way. Really. I just want them gone. Dead. And the dye is the best way I know. Goodbye ugly tormenting gray hairs! Sayonara suckers!

Excuse me, I was getting a little carried away there. That's what happens when I feel passionate about a topic. Ahem. Where was I?


Oh yes, I'm so so so so so so ready for the weekend. And now that I have my own laptop I can even check the blogs when I'm not at work (yet, I still get so much inspiration to post while working. or at midnight. either/or.). I'm a pretty big deal.

Happy Friday Blogizzle! What are you up to this fair weekend? What are your plans, your hopes, your dreams...?


Amber W. said...

I'm so excited 'cause I think the weather is actually going to be beach-worthy! Wahoo! Gotta love Florida!

Uptown Girl said...

Amber- did you just say beach? way to one-up the uptown girl. i'm so proud of you slash uber jealous of the whole Florida thing.

Ann-tidote said...

sarabeth's! so jealous! lizer took me there on my last trip to NYC.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

1) jealous you have a bar with skeeball!
2) wish I could see Joey act!
3) hope the new laptop is treating you well!

rita said...

My husband lives 30 miles from Key West. I slave away in Virginia so he can live in the Keys. Something is seriously wrong with this picture.

Uptown Girl said...

Ann- i heart Sarabeth's sooo much, but alas did not go there this wknd afterall!

1-best bar!!
2-Joey's play was a delight, wish u could see that boy act ;)
3-the computer is so cute and little, i'm liking it!

Rita- that is a smart man, but i would CUT him...