Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Rezzy Addendum

Already my readers fans have asked that I add some more resolutions to my list and give you some more of the legit ones. Truth be told- when I posted my rezzies earlier today (see here if you are too lazy to scroll down) I didn't have much time and do have more wisdom to add to your life. Please read: I was supposed to be working and had to make it a snappy post even tho I had more to say on the topic.

Here it goes.

Wait for it.

2010 Rezzies Continued

4- I will be more dedicated to my running. I made this resolution on my bday but it still applies. Running makes me feel good, stay healthy, and look amazing (ok more amazing if you must know). Lately I keep getting shin splints and they are starting to piss me off. Serio, it is so freaking rude I can't even tell you. If I feel them coming on during my run tonight I may or maynot call out "SeCURity!" in the gym and get all BonQuiQui up in there.

5- I resolve to party. More. And to let the papa-razzi snag my picture peacefully and without throwing my soon-to-be-new NetBook at their stalker selves. I will allow one glammed-out photo session biweekly. That seems fair. All rights reserved.

6- I will stay in touch. You may find this hard to believe, but I have been quite ridiculous these last few months. I haven't talked to my non-New Yorker besties (mostly college friends and Georgia Peaches) much and I need to catch up on all the good gossip. The juice, if you will. The dirty details of their lives that I'm not fortunate enough to witness. I will make some time and set aside some space for phone time. If I call one non-resident bestie per week I'd be good. Bc I miss you (you know who you are)!

7- I will wear my coat during work everyday this winter until someone resolves our office heating problema. I shouldn't have to deal with goosebumps. I'm an Uptown Girl you know, they're lucky I come to work at all. I should be out living my life of leisure and instead I so graciously work on the daily. Pfft!

8- I will take suggestions from you. Yes YOU, my blog-followers. You give me a topic to post about and I'm on it like white on rice ('white on rice' is Georgia-talk, obvi).

That's all for now. I'm Uptown Girl, but I am only one person. Like Mary Poppins, by 2009 2011 I will not only be practically perfect in every way, but I will also recognize what year I'm living in! So far I just can't get used to this 2010 thing. It is un-real.


M-Cat said...

Don't add any more rezzies, it just creates expectations of you for others.

Okay, stick with the running. That should be a given

Uptown Girl said...

M-Cat -good point. Maybe I will make those papa-razzi photoshoots monthly rather than biweekly. Biweekly is just too much pressure for my stylist!

rita said...

I thought you were already perfect?

Uptown Girl said...

Rita- thank you for noticing that discrepancy. I was working on my modesty the day I typed that post- or couldn't you tell?? But, yes, btwn you and me, I am already perfect... obvi.