Friday, January 15, 2010


Did you know that "ttfn" is one of those acronyms that people use on the internet? I have a few in my repertoire. LMAO. WTF. OMG. CMU. AMWS. TWT.

Ok, I made up the last three. When you say something so often you just need to abreve it. Am I right or am I right? Totes.

CMU= cracking myself up
... CMU is one that I use on the regular bc I'm always dying laughing at the funny things I type. If the other person doesn't get it, well, too bad for them, that's not really mi problema is it?

AMWS= as Mom would say
... AMWS needs a little explanation. It is to be used after I type something along the lines of "that's so played out... AMWS" or "you are just the bomb! -AMWS". Usually this is used when g-chatting it up with my sister or brother, but sometimes I like to assume that everyone I know will know that my mom is pretty up on the slang urban dictionary teen talk. That said, she generally picks up on the new phrases when they happen to be on their way out the proverbial door. And then she holds onto them tightly and uses her groovy words and phrases for as long as we both shall live. Neato. You might think this is kind of annoying. But you'd be wrong and also kind of a jerk to think that about my mom. It is in the top five most adorable, endearing, lovable, cute things about my mom. You could use my fave word and say "how sacot is UG's mom!". Go ahead. Practice using the word "sacot" now. Wow, this is a big day for your vocab.

TWT= time will tell
... isn't this one just obvious? When someone asks me a direct question yet I'm not prepared with a direct answer, I respond "twt". For example: "Hey UG, you going to that black tie gala on the yacht this weekend?". If I'm not sure whether I'm going, I'll respond "Not sure yet, twt".

Anyway, we all have a few of these up our sleeves to throw out there when we wanna say something clever yet avoid typing extra letters on our keyboards. Ain't no thang. This is 2010, why work our over-texted fingers to the bone unnecessarily?

Here is the problem. Oh, you didn't know there was a problem?
1- There is.
2- Try to be a little more perceptive.

I don't always know what everybody's acronyms stand for. Also, I haven't master that "never end a sentence in a proposition" thing.
The cya l8r category has baffled me since the moment I first signed up for AIM back when the internet was a new fad in 9th grade.

I remember being at my "friend's" house (I use the term "friend" loosly here) and we were chatting online with random boys we didn't know. I truly thought that this was the meaning of the world wide web: sneaking onto a computer to meet and communicate with boys (strangers). In more recent years the same concept has turned into a more formal version of internet dating. My 15 year old self should prob take credit for the business model. No big deal, and to all of you who've met the love of your life on the internet... you're quite welcome.

Anywho, even then, a boy (stranger) would sign off with "ttyl". I'd then sit and think about it.
And think about it.
And think.
Thinking: what does that mean?
Thinking: should i know this one? have I seen it before?
Thinking: I hope he asks for my beeper number.
Thinking: Oh yeah! ttyl= talk to ya later! Got it! Geez, I wish we learned about this stuff in school, I'd definitely stay awake for that class.
Thinking: Too bad I'll never use anything I learn in school in the real world. Thinking: I hope I have a boyfriend by the time I graduate and enter this "real world". That'd be the bomb.

Alright, so I've mastered the sign-off lingo: ttyl, ttys, cya, cya l8r, etc etc. Or so I thought.

Someone recently typed "ttfn" in g-chat. I immediately racked my brain. Tried to figure it out. I thought I'd cracked the code thinking it was "talk to ya F-ing never". And then I was cracking up bc I thought it was pretty hilario. Especially because it was a g-chat with a guy I am always mean to (it's fun to be mean to him- don't knock it til you try it). I just thought he was taunting me. But alas. I was wrong.

Do you know was "ttfn" means?? I'll give you a few chances to guess and then I'll tell you.

But, maybe everybody knows this one already.... hrmmm ok tell me 2 things in your comment: your guess/what you know "ttfn" means + your favorito internet/texting acronym.

and GO!


Liza said...

ttfn: tah tah for now

Ob to the Vi!

hmmm a fave 1? idk!! no rly idk bc i <3 jk..serio..rotfl - lmao - thx4d'fun! lylas!! g2g -xoxo l8r!

Lovey said...

ttfn= ta ta for now. MY mom says it and I love it. Its one of her cute top 5 things also (she has more than top 5 but ya know...)

I love the LMAO FOMC acronym. I feel mental images are SO helpful when expressing one's self. So? what does it mean?? Can you guess UG??

I'll keep you in suspense no longer:

LMAO- you know that already!

FOMC= Falling Off My Chair.

YES, I made it up. But dont you think its great???

Liza said...

FYI - i <3 DIMC

DIMC = dancing in my chair.

try it - u wont be sorry

M-Cat said...

Have I ever told you how much I learn about "you young kids" on your blog?

I try hard to stay current in the lingo, but I think I am like your Mom and catch on right when they are on their way out, and I cling to them like a worm on a stick.

Uptown Girl said...

right now I am DIMC and soon will be FOMC with pride. obvi ttfn= ta ta for now.
M-Cat- your analogy to a worm is gross. could you instead cling to the longo like "whit on rice"? i'd prefer that...

Kar said...

it does mean Ta Ta For Now....and it comes from Winnie the Pooh. Tigger says it. really!

Uptown Girl said...

Hi Kar, welcome Uptown! Tigger says it?!?!? Who knew... I rly must catch up on my Winnie the Pooh slang.