Tuesday, January 12, 2010

good girl gone bad

You caught me.

I'm posting at work again.

Blogging my heart out.

Please answer me this...
Why does inspiration always hit me when I'm at work??
Is it really so so bad to travel to Blogland when you have multiple voicemails?
And if it is, why does it feel so good?


Anonymous said...

I feel your guilt and secret thrill. I try to do most of my writing of posts outside of work, but when inspiration hits, you gotta go with it! And inspiration just happens to hit me a lot when my To Do list extends far enough for me to scroll down to see it all.

M-Cat said...

You mean there is a problem with blogging at work? Really? I am in deep shit

John E Delatorre said...

k as a newbie blogger, i'm going to add...i particularly think its healthy and okay to blog while at work...mainly because, it can offer you a fun distraction when you want to bop on the head and tell to shut up, the annoying co-worker who keeps singing 1980s t.v. show tunes...while i'm all for 1980's sitcoms...i draw the line at "silver spoons"...

rita said...


*innocent look*

What's that?

Uptown Girl said...

Kaela- OMG "guilt and secret thrill" - that is EXACTLY it!

M-Cat- allegedly we are supposed to focus on 'work' while on the job. such a silly concept.

John- we would not work well as co-workers. I humm Silver Spoons all day long.

Rita- thank you for asking. Work is this thing that happens everyday to torture people who don't have enough $$ to lead the life of leisure they were meant for. It's complicated, you wouldn't understand.

Ann-tidote said...

**sigh.... reply: "shit happens??" sheepish look..

rita said...


Right, I'm sitting here in a high school copy room using an 8-year-old computer because I lead a life of leisure. I wish.

No raise this year, no raise next. No step increase. The state has decided not to contribute to the Virginia Retirement System for the last quarter of the year. Our insurance covers less each year.

If only my husband would get a job so I could live the life I deserve, sitting by the pool at our house in the Keys. Which we totally really have, but it's gonna take years to renovate it totally, and we took the equity out of our house in WV to buy the one in the Keys, then the car died and we bought a new one while I was still working here with enough income to pay them both (but nothing else).

I want to live the life I deserve, but I'm afraid to find out what it is!

Uptown Girl said...

Rita- I'm so sorry to hear that!! Try to live in your imagination like I do, it works wonders my skin. If I were as rich as I imagine I should be, I'd give you a million dollars and then meet you in the Keys for soem R&R.

Uptown Girl said...

and I'd get someone to proffread everything I type for errors.