Saturday, January 16, 2010

do you ski?

No, I don't ski. I lodge.

Right now I'm sitting in a ski lodge with Mr. Asus "Tiny" Laptop. We are here lodging. Drinking coffee. Contemplating the addition of Bailey's Irish Cream to said coffee. But staying strong because it is only 11:15am and alcohol at this hour is unladylike. Ahem. Where was I?

I was invited on a ski trip to Vermont for the long weekend. And here I am. Lodging. I lodge while 8 of the others ski or board, and one guy is still back at the condo snoozing the day away. He must not know about the possibility of coffee with Bailey's...I look out the ginormous window to my right and I see white. White slopes with people flying down them. It is way different from NYC.
Let me count the ways:
1- I can see the sky
2- I can see trees
3- No buildings other than my lodge
4- Zero pollution
5- People have these boards attached to their feet that seem quite dangerous
6- Everyone is relaxed
7- People talk to each other and smile

What is this place?? Is this a very cold heaven?

One of the best parts of this trip is that I just went with it. No planning at all. Two friends did all the research and legwork and the rest of us simply showed up. I landed in Queens after work last night to be whisked away. I had no knowledge of directions, destination in VT, accommodations, or even who all would be joining us. Now this is my recipe for re-lax-a-tion. No stress, no responsibility, and a spa.

Oh, didn't I mention my spa?? Back at the condo there is a spa with a gym, pool, and hot tub where I'll lodge myself after I meet the ski-bunnies for lunch here in my lodge. I plan to run on the treadmill, shower off, and then soak in the hot tub until my fingers are the texture of raisins. Or old people skin. Am I making you jealous? Oh, so sorry. Really.

Time to go relax, lodge, read, eat, drink, and be merry! ttfn!


Amber W. said...


M-Cat said...

I suppose if I didn't live with the effing snow all winter long, I could say this sounds divine. But - I am so over snow I could cry.

Urban Mom said...

Oh U-Girl, have some much deserved fun! I love that you fully own not skiing. I've tried it. I'm married into a family with a bunch of amazing skiers. It's just not my thing. And it's too damn expensive to just tinker around with it. So I shall adopt your tactic and go "lodging." (i will, of course, offer props your way when using the term) I'm all about meeting everyone afterwards for cocktails. Enjoy and consider me there in spirit!

Uptown Girl said...

It was fun & relaxing! I'm not gonna lie, I totally enjoyed every second of my alone time while the others were skiing. I do prefer warm sports that are free of cost (such as lodging). The post-slopes cocktail hour(s) is probably my best sport.