Friday, January 8, 2010

Creepy Confrontation

Here is the latest. As you remember from here and here, I was recently trying to determine how to approach Creepy McCreeperson and let him know that I'm now in the boycotting business.

Well, this morning I did it. I stood at this coffeeman's cart with a friend who was ordering tea (don't worry, it was only tea). When he asked me if I wanted coffee, I declined.

UG: After that filter was in my coffee cup... I just can't drink your coffee anymore.
Creepy: Why not?
UG: (thinking- rly? why not? did you not hear me?) Because there was filter in my coffee, and then in my mouth, it left a bad taste.
Creepy: Ok, Happy New Year

Ok, so serio. The only thing stranger than Creepy not understanding the problem I have is the fact that he his now growing a soul patch. I hadn't seen him in so long that this newly grown facial hair really took me by surprise. Due to the soul patch I would've had to find a new coffeeman regardless of that filter incident. I mean... really.

In other news, please check out this pic and try to figure out what it is:
Stop stop stop all your guessing, I'll tell you. It is a pic I took with my camera-phone a couple days ago.

I made myself some yummy Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea in the office and when I finished it... well, now this is harder to admit than I even imagined...
I had somehow dropped the tea-tag into my yummy Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea and didn't know it until the end!! There. I said it.

For a minute I was in a state of post-traumatic shock (as you would expect). It reminded me of the coffee-filter incident and I was just perplexed at how this could keep happening to me.

Multiple occurrences when paper is waiting for me at the bottom of a hot beverage. Is this some sort of omen?? Do I believe in omens? No. But, if I did these would be my omen guesses:

1- Money is made of paper. Paper at the bottom of a hot bev. could mean that I'm coming into a lot of money. Therefore, a good omen.

2- The coffee-filter led to a soul patch on the Creepster. Maybe the tea-tag means some cute guy that I have my eye on will soon grow a soul patch. And then finally have the courage to ask me out. Therefore, a bad omen (who wants to be asked out by a guy with a soul patch? and after he had been so cute? how disappointing!).

3- hrmmm.... I gtg do some work now. Why don't you tell me your ideas for what the omen could mean? Go ahead. I know you want to. Get those creative juices flowing.


Amber W. said...

Your life is going to be overrun with paperwork - even your favorite beverages. You're gonna be swamped!

Uptown Girl said...

bad omen. eek eek eek!!

JennyMac said...

I am totally voting for GOOD omen! LOL.

M-Cat said...

You no likey the soul patch?

On the right guy, I find them hot.

And omen? Nah.....good luck sign.

Lovey said...

Maybe the omen is that you should keep telling us about the life of an Uptown girl! That story was hilarious!!!