Monday, December 28, 2009

say goodbye to 2009 and Creepy McCreeperson

This year simply flew past me like my private jet flying to a tropical resort with the jet stream. Ok so I don't own a PJ, but that is just because I am so green. You could say that I barely ever fly and when I do it is economy. I am an environmentalist. Obvi. It is so chic to be green these days that I even recycle my coffee cup sleeves.

Speaking of coffee... did I tell you that I no longer get my morning cup o' joe from Creepy McCreeperson? Well I don't. Shortly after I posted on the yummy coffee I get from his coffee cart there was a terrible incident. Shockingly it had nothing to do with the creepiness of the coffee-man. I was sitting at my desk, drinking my coffee, down to the last little bit, when to my surprise something fell into my mouth along with my sip of coffee. I immediately spit it into the trash to discover some sort of paper. It was disgusting I tell you. Of course I could imagine worse, but still it was icky. The next day, I told McCreeperson about the incident and he said something to the effect of "yeah sometimes the filter breaks".

I had loved Creepy and his coffee so much that I got it a couple more times before deciding I was through. Even thought I didn't get any more filter in my cup or mouth, the coffee had this grossgusting filtery taste to it. Maybe it was all in my head. Whatever, if you sipped some filter and didn't know what it was in your mouth and got all freaked out by it, you'd taste it every time too. So I broke up with Creepy. Technically I just walk down a different block now and find coffee at random.

But when I see him again I'll get the guts up to tell him that I simply hate his coffee now, but that if ever I want tea I'll be sure to go to his cart as there is no filter involved. Or something like that. What would you say?


DeNae said...

I would say, "Hi, how's it going?" No sense in hurting his Creepy McFeelings!

Lovey said...

I would say, "Mr. Creepy, in the land where the best coffee is served there is no excuse for yours to have filter bits!!! I will never drink from your cart again!" And then turn to leave while you whip your hair around Uptown Style! (oh and no Uptown girl needs to "get up the guts" you know you've already got them!!!

Anonymous said...

Even tea has filters! (The bags...)