Tuesday, December 8, 2009

thank you for asking.

I went to India for two reasons. First, to visit my brother who lives there. Second, to see the country/that side of the world for probably the only time in my long fabulous life.

After complimenting my kurta, one of my smart 33 followers asked what that lil brother of mine is doing in India anyway. Good question Colleen. Mostly missing me. Obvi.

But, other than that, he is working. Microfinance to be exact. Something about giving small loans to small companies in developing countries. In laywoman's terms, my bro is a "Banker to the Poor". Full time, serving Indian communities for profit.

Lil bro moves back to the home country (aka NYC) on my birthday. Happy birthday to me! His girlfriend has been missing him this last year and a half, so don't go getting any ideas ladies.

At www.kiva.org, from the comfort of your own couch, you too can become a banker to the poor and loan $20+ to companies in the third world. You hand mouse-pick the company. If you wanna be like me (who doesn't?) you will click the link and give a loan. And don't worry, you get the money back... it is a loan not a donation.

If a donation is what you're after, check out the link for charity:water on the right as well as a great holiday-giving video entitled "Advent Conspiracy" at our very own Own it.

Back to India. Here's a tidbit to satisfy your curiosity for a hot minute.

Did I tell you about the bobble? In India it is more than common to move your head like a bobble-head-doll rather than nodding.

"Do you have bottled water so I don't get the runs?"
Head bobble.

"100 rupees!? I'll give you 70."
Bobble bobble.

"Am I the most glittery and sparkley Uptown Girl that you've ever seen?"
Double bobble.

Practice this...

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Sahil said...

indian head bob- so fab.

me and your brother hit america very soon

are you guys ready yet?