Monday, December 7, 2009

Incredible India

"And to think these days
men give flowers and chocolates
to their wives."

The Taj was amazing.
India was incredible.
And my brother's apartment is elegance.
Literally. His apt doesn't have a number, it has a name. Elegance. Very fitting.
That reminds me, I'm thinking of renaming my apartment... Glamour. Thoughts?


Sahil said...

can you really even try to compete with elegance- I stayed there on a couch and in a five star and I couldnt tell the difference

Amber W. said...

Cute tunic!

Colleen said...

Great picture of you! Did your brother go to Steubie too? What's he doing in India?

Uptown Girl said...

Sahil- how do you feel about the water temperature?

Amber- thanks, I know :)

Colleen- yep, he is pretty much featured in every alumni publication... and yet they never feature me. the nerve! I'll do a post about your 2nd Q.

Sahil said...

the water- my god
I would just run back in forth for five mins under the spout til I felt clean enough to go to work. basically cold water scares me- and in a city where its never cold- how the hell did that even happen!

I showered in a different bathroom my last day- his is the only one without a water heater!

rita said...

Great photo of you and the Taj (which, by the way, for some odd reason is the name of this high school's yearbook). And I'm glad that your brother is returning home on your birthday. What a considerate guy!

I like the idea of loaning $20 to help someone get her start in business. If I ever have $20 again, I'll do it.

Peter said...

Sahil/Maria - yeah, I didn't realize that the other bathroom had a water heater until Sahil pointed it out (2 weeks before moving out). But I like to think I built a lot of character or something having showered in cold water for 18 months.