Thursday, December 10, 2009

wish list

I'd like to post on a topic that is not India-related, but no worries because I have more to tell you about my trip.

The matter at hand is my Christmas Wish List aka Your Christmas Shopping List! Because it is that time of year and I know you're dying to know what you can get for me. It is only natural to have these feelings. And, of course, I'm here to answer that burning question...

First, watch this video that I told you to watch on Own It a couple days ago:

Next click this link to donate my Christmas gift to Charity:Water and you will join the uber-importante team unofficially known as: " Uptown Girl VIP Well-Builders: Special Operations". You're welcome in advance for this unique opportunity to serve those who in need while making me happy

Like killing two birds with one stone. Like wearing a diamond on each hand. Like eating pie a la mode. You get the picture. It is a no-brainer.

If you've already done my Christmas shopping, it would be acceptable for you to donate to Charity:Water as my birthday gift instead. Uptown Girl Approved.

ps- birthday countdown is at T minus 8 days and counting (but I'm sure you knew that already).

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