Thursday, December 24, 2009


Quote from E-News. December 24, 2009.
"Spotted, Uptown Girl in New Jersey. This photo was taken today of the world-famous Uptown Girl. An insider remarks 'I saw her canoodling with Eduardo Verastegui' [of the movie Bella and the Brad Pitt of Mexico]."
Now, friends, there is nothing that gets my goat like bad reporting. This photo was not taken today! That's right. When the papa-razzi gets the story all wrong it just kills me. This photo was from a chance meeting back in October (see here to read all about why I didn't kiss him back). No canoodling. Come on, I would've told you about any canoodling. Who are these quote un-quote "insiders" anyway? I am outraged. OUT.RAGED.

Truth: I am in New Jersey for the Christmas holiday. Celebrating with the fam. Fo shizzle my nizzle lemon drizzle. Creating bremories with my little brothers and sisters who all happen to be taller than me. Except for Bina, my youngest sister is short and that's why she is my fave. Short and sweet. Making me look tall. Meanwhile my youngest brother is dressed like an elf- complete with a hat that sings. How come the stalker-razzi doesn't take photos of these presh family moments? Right, because that would be too invasive and also real life. No one wants to hear about real life these days. At least not over at E-News I guess.

Anywho. Love from New Jersey.

Uptown Girl


Amber W. said...

Have fun with the fam! Oh, and I can totally relate to the shortness thing. It bites having all my younger siblings taller than me. Oh well!

Merry Christmas (again)! :-)

Alice said...

Have a great time in New Jersey with the fam bam. I am the youngest in my family and the shortest. The true little sister. :D

p.s. have you watched Jersey Shore on MTV? It is a HOT mess and I'm addicted! haha!!

Laura said...

MARIA!!! I got my Christmas card back that I sent to you!!!! I addressed it Uptown Girl, then write your name, then address but it says no know person, or soemthing like that! Urgh! What the heck!!!

Uptown Girl said...

Alice- Jersey Shore... can't watch it. it kills me. those idiots give NJ such a bad rapp... don't get me started!

Laura- serio?!?! how rude! that happened with my school loan one time too- my mail is so so rude!
sad :(

JMay said...

awww the Brembergs! I miss u guys!

Much love to the family :-)