Friday, August 13, 2010


Work has been busy and consuming this week. And so has my social calendar.
Please forgive me for my unscheduled absence in the world wide web. I think of you often and have a couple posts rolling around in my head. But no time to write them! - Just checking you off my list of people to get back to

I'm heading out to see an outdoor screening of Ghostbusters tonight. I'm sure this excursion will add itself to my list of ideas to post about. I hope it proves to be as amazing and life-like as it was in my childhood. Bill Murray was cute then, right? I don't recall.

I should end this by saying "I ain't afraid of no ghost". But that would be a lie. I'm afraid of ghosts and serial killers. And Monday mornings. And Brooklyn.

Here I come weekend!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Last night a DJ saved my life

You know how I love me some sweet tunes? Who doesn't. Come on. I've posted in the past about how a certain song can bring me back to a feeling, a moment, a bremory, and an era.

Life changes so much and yet things stay so much the same. I'm in a new genre today. Spanish Rock. Mainly: Mana and Juanes. My coworker is ready to kill me for playing it non-stop. But, that's nothing new. Wink to the wink wink.

In this place in my life, the genre is new bc I never hear it anymore, but really it played a large role in my relationship with my Latin eX-husband. I've been thinking about and talking about said eX so much lately that it is making me wonder. Why?

As Lovey (my bestie who happens to be a therapist to the stars) never fails to remind me, it is a good thing to feel my feelings and think about whatever is surfacing rather than distract myself and stuff my feelings. As is my inclination. I find that she is right about most things and this is no exception. Therefore, I'm rocking out in Spanish today in hopes that I can get these memories to the surface and that they will then dissipate.
These days my feelings about my eX are way chilled out compared to how intense they used to be. I no longer feel homicidal and maniacal, and I can see my part in the mess formerly known as us.

And my Catholic annulment came thru. 100 percenta!

I'm happy in my life and relieved to have that chapter closed. Officially closed. I love my roomies and living situation and I continue to be relieved not to live with the eX - but after a lot of time and distance.... I ever so humbly confess that I wouldn't want to live with myself in that relationship either. We were a toxic combo and my worstest possible qualities were on fire. Not a pretty place for an Uptown Girl to be.

That said, I'm listening to Bendita Tu Luz and offering a prayer for the eX. That he may come to a place of peace and joy, self-awareness, and love.

My prayers for him used to be quite different. So, in light of that, I also have a prayer of thanksgiving for my own growth and insight into the past (and for the annulment!). I know it will help me with my present and my future.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

cloud 9

Just now I was in old the elevator with an old man. He turned to me and said, "what weighs more, you or your purse?"
I took it as a compliment. My purse isn't even all that heavy today. What a charmer.

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