Friday, August 13, 2010


Work has been busy and consuming this week. And so has my social calendar.
Please forgive me for my unscheduled absence in the world wide web. I think of you often and have a couple posts rolling around in my head. But no time to write them! - Just checking you off my list of people to get back to

I'm heading out to see an outdoor screening of Ghostbusters tonight. I'm sure this excursion will add itself to my list of ideas to post about. I hope it proves to be as amazing and life-like as it was in my childhood. Bill Murray was cute then, right? I don't recall.

I should end this by saying "I ain't afraid of no ghost". But that would be a lie. I'm afraid of ghosts and serial killers. And Monday mornings. And Brooklyn.

Here I come weekend!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, UG!

Can't wait 'til next weekend! (Call re schedule!)

Anna Liesemeyer said...

totally jealous you got to go to an outdoor screening of ghostbusters!

The Artisann said...

how was ghostbusters?
i like that you labeled this "lamespice"

Uptown Girl said...

Ghostbusters was a rly fun time- way cheesier than I remember and a lot less scary! Turns out I'd forgotten most of the movie, so it was like seeing it for the 1st time :)

I really need to post soooon...

Anonymous said...

Hey UG! Where are you? What's happening in the only world that counts: yours!