Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Gotta go to Mo's

Here I am.
Yes, contrary to popular belief, I am still alive and kicking.
Busy, suffering from writer's block, not reading any blogs, distracted, distract-able, and kicking.

I may or may not have neglected to write because I know a certain someone sometimes reads my blog. And I started feeling a bit self-conscious about sharing my innermost thoughts and feelings over the internet when I knew he might read it. Is that cryptic enough?

Good. Moving on.

The most interesting news I have to report is this: I bought some rollerblades today! And wrist/elbow/knee pads. At Modell's. Gotta go to Mo's.
I also got some sweet tips from the adorable sales-dude. I'm hoping to avoid serious injury via the sales-dude tips, wrist pads, and blading on flat ground for the time being. We'll see.

Maybe next I'll join roller-derby. Most def. Do I have to wear a helmet for that?


Amber W. said...

Welcome back! I, too, am trying to muster up the motivation to blog. Summer = laziness.

KatyFeeney said...

Yes, cryptic - and cryptic enough. Though, there are about 100 million candidates for the "Eeewww Factor!"

Nevertheless, I have missed your blog! Good to hear from you.

I had some very happy memories with the fam on rollerskates... Go make some of your own!

Amanda said...

Ok, HELL YEAH to that roller blade barbie. I totally had that one. They they recalled it because the skates were a fire hazard. Go figure!!! :) Glad to see your post...I've had bloggers block lately too!