Thursday, September 30, 2010

These boots were made for walking

I recently purchased these fantastigorical new boots from Steve Madden.
For $100.
I'm telling you this because fellow blogger-to-the-stars, Daily Ann-tidote, posted this morning about an adorable Anthropologie inspired Look For Less.
So I thought I'd share. Remember: sharing is caring.


The Artisann said...

sharing IS caring. and i'm glad you shared these boots because now i want to check them out.
a) steve madden boots are awesome. going on the 3rd season with my brown pair
b) boots for $100 is TOTALLY do-able.

Heather B said...

Uptown Girl...I want to steal your boots.
Just sayin'.....

I love Steve Madden shoes.

Uptown Girl said...

I highly suggest you snag a pair while they are available! Unless you want to come to nyc to borrow mine. You are welcome to do that.

Heather B said...

I bought them.
Along with a suede pair that was marked down to $47...I was even smart enough to google a coupon code for free shipping. i is smart.

Thanks U.G.! You rock!