Sunday, September 26, 2010

Train Traffic Ahead

Sitting on an Amtrak train (as I head home from a few days away from my Upper Eastside pied-et-teir), I am doing a lot of thinking. More thinking than sleeping unfortunately.

Thinking: My train was delayed and this is unacceptable.

Thinking: I hope I can make it back to NYC without using the train restroom a second time. If not, I may cry.

Thinking: I hope I made the right move in calling the Tall Indian Guy and agreeing to a coffee date.
As Katy pointed out in her comment, I've now confirmed my address to a possible serial killer. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, right?

Thinking: Some dude walking thru the train has his hat on sideways. He looks like he walked into a wall. No offense to any of you who can't place a hat on straight...

Thinking: I have a first date tonight - no one you know, and he has never left any notes to tip me off to creepsterville.
What will I wear? I'm so lucky to have Liza, my very own Upper Eastside wardrobe consultant. Live-in.

Thinking: Lovey - Bestie and Roomie - went apple picking while I was out of town. I love apples! I'm so looking forward to going home to my roommates, apples, dvr, and my bed... oh how I've missed the amenities of the UES while at my work conference.

Thinking: I'm so glad I extended my trip to spend some quality time with the fam. I got to see my brother and sister-in-law in Virginia, and the 4 cutest kids in the world. I gave my nephew a free hotel pen and he said, "oh my goodness, this is my first very own pen Aunt UG!" I'm pretty sure he will remember that moment for years to come... Who can forget their first very own pen?

And now my mind is empty. I can now think only of the train bathroom. With dread. Tears in my eyes and dread in my heart.
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M-Cat said...

I have never been in a train bathroom, and now I am sure I never want to!