Wednesday, September 22, 2010

not so secret admirer

Have you ever had a secret admirer? Let me tell you what it's like.
Except for the part that my secret admirer is not a secret. But oh well, it's kind of like the same thing.

When I woke up this morning, on my day off, there was an envelope stuck under the front door. Inside was a folded up note that reads:

Subj: "Unorthodox"

To: The Brunette, who has a roundish cute face, who I think lives here

From: Tall Indian guy who has seen you in the building and in the elevator occasionally. Unfortunately, you're never alone - so I couldn't introduce myself.

If you'd like to grab coffee or a drink sometime - please call or text.

-Tall Indian guy (212-Admirer)
[Name and phone number changed to protect my admirer]

And there you have it folks.

Confusingly enough, there are two brunettes in my apartment. I mean, Liza is a Blondie, so we can safely rule her out (barring red-green color blindness). But, hi, Lovey is a "brunette who has a roundish cute face". Super cute in fact.

However, Lovey has no frame of reference for a "Tall Indian guy" in the building. And I think I know exactly who it is. I often see a "Tall Indian guy" in the elevator. And he's pretty good looking.

My roomies thought this was a very romantic gesture, while my immediate reaction is stalker. A romantic stalker, if you will. How does he know where I live? Did he follow me? Did he leave the same note under every door in the hallway?

I looked through the peep-hole and there was no stalker standing by, and this is just one note. So instead of jumping to extremes, I'm going to officially dub this "Tall Indian guy" an admirer rather than jump to stalker. For now.

Now then. What is your initial reaction? I'm def gonna ask my guy-friends for their reactions. Future-Brother-in-Law, what do you think? Tell me everything.

I'm considering calling the number and going for coffee. What would you do? Any advice for this Uptown Girl?


whitest indian said...

here is the deal- be careful with guys of that nature. Granted he could just be a romantic- but its hard to peg a guy who is that bold- make sure he is not dangerous. I would stick to very open places for first date!

Otherwise how flattering is that- the guy not only thinks you are cute but also feels a romantic connection which basically means you exude awesome.

but we both knew that all readys

That "L" Guy said...

As the FBiL, I have several comments to make on this post:

1) Uptown Girl obviously deserves this sort of attention

2) It's hard not to say that this type of gesture isn't "cute" or somewhat "romantic"

3) If this happened in a movie, he'd be your future husband. Or, "पति" as they say in Hindi.

4) This is a little creepy... I mean, he obviously doesn't live on your floor but evidently knows which apartment you're in...

5) Guys that just text to set up dates instead of calling are lame, and lack what we men call "balls." That being said... this guy has SEEN you, and smiled at you several times, but instead of aying "hello" - he drops off a note under your door in the early hours of the morning? I guess there's the possibility he had testicular cancer and had both balls removed - in which case I can't make fun of him for this. No other explanation would stop me from taking his man card, and handing it over to a 12 year old boy who is evidently more deserving.

Joking aside though - it's a cute gesture, but sorta makes you question his personality, and intentions... If you're into him (since you seem to know who it is), maybe grab a coffee and feel it out. But I would be cautious... it's still a little creepy.

Liza said...


You guys should comment more often!

M-Cat said...

Call the number. Meet for coffee in an oh so public place and make sure to have a wing-girl nearby if necessary.

Can't hurt right?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'd so go. I'd do public and maybe a wing gal but I'd go.

It took balls to do this no matter what those other numbnuts say. How could he call or text you? All he has is your cute face in the elevator so he felt you were worth trying to find out more about and he left you a note when he thought he knew your apt.
Sure he could be a nut or he could be a sweet guy that if you heard this story you'd say, Aah why doesn't that shit happen to me?

We want this shit and then when it happens we let it go.

I say be smart - but do it.

good luck! and don't forget now you have to keep us posted.:-)

The Girly Tomboy said...

We live in a world where having a vampire you barely know jump into your room in the middle of the night and watch you sleep a highly romantic and sweet gesture. Talk about psycho stalker!

So in the grand scheme of things, tall indian guy didn't do so badly.

I say text him something casual like 'got your note - what if you're talking about a different brunette?' and see what happens. Safety wise, it's not so bad, because you know where he lives. So as long as you tell someone that you're going for coffee with the tall indian dude in your building, it shouldn't be hard for the cops to find him if anything should happen.

The Artisann said...

I love Ley's comment! HILARIOUS-including the Hindi translation. Hmm..I'd probably say coffee is harmless--right?

The Artisann said...

Oh and if it doesn't work, don't worry---you'll see him in the elevator every day for the rest of your stay at that apartment.

City John said...

i'm with the FBil, a little creepy and in the lacking testicular fortitude department. but...then again, he did make an effort to follow you to your apartment, while you weren't aware, in a sneaky stalker sort of way (um this may be a good time to start taking those self defense lessons) and memorize your swanky pad. i mean why not just say hi in the elevator and strike up a convo? that would have been wayy less creep. so as a dad, i have to say all kinds of scenarios go through my mind of what something like this may turn into. you can always tell a lot about a guy by the way he texts you or what he it overly aggressive, creepy, aloof or genuine...this may be an indicator of whether or not to actually pursue said coffee grabbing..and if you do, it should be in a public well-lit area with a very mean looking holly the gangsta dog at your side.

City John, aka, East Elmhurst Queens John..

Anonymous said...

Do you want to confirm to this person that you actually live there? What if he's as creepy as the stalker scenario?

It does have a soucon of romance, but I would wait until you see him again and see if he actually talks to you...

But then again, it's only coffee! But, he lives in your building, and that could be awkward at best and creepy at worst!

Good luck!

Uptown Girl said...

the latest on the admirer...
I just received a text-invitation to drink wine at his apartment tonight.

Box of Pandora has been opened. I think it is now time to end this since it keeps getting creepier.