Tuesday, May 12, 2009

que serra que serra

I'm here finishing work and listening to imeem... the greatest FREE invention ever. On my 80's playlist is "Lost in Emotion" by Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam. And it brings me back. Now I'm telling my fave lil webbie site "ooooh babe, I think I love you- from head to toe".
If you listen to streaming music on the internet you MUST check out imeem. It can be confusing at first, but I will be happy to give you a tutorial so that you too can fall in love from playlist to playlist.

Does anyone understand why we connect music with past loves and positive or negative memories? I have entire genres that, although I adore them, I am forced to avoid! How rude is that? Meanwhile there are other songs that I love more than I normally would because of the warm nostalgic bliss I feel when I hear them.
What is that about? I love the song "Murder She Wrote" that was big in 8th grade... but avoid my favorite oldies for fear of the memories. But, you know what? I'm saying whatevski. Oldies, here I come. I think I should just listen to what I love and find some better memory (or Brem-ory) to associate. I will try this technique and let you know how it turns out. If it doesn't work I will blame it on Milli Vanilli. I will blame it on the rain. You know I will. Oh, thats right, you know I will.

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Urban Mom said...

The Doors -- C'mon Baby Light My Fire -- on the car radio -- 1984 -- my first kiss -- could NOT have been MORE awkward -- but it makes me smile every time I hear that damn song. It's the only Doors song that I like.

Also, anything from Madonna's first album, also 1984/85-ish. Love it! I don't know why. That whole time frame in life is so uncomfortable and awkward and even lonely. Maybe it's fun to see how much I've conquered? I dunno.

Geez, that all sounds so Mary Tyler Moore, doesn't it? (eye roll at self)


Fun post, though!!