Monday, May 11, 2009

My Greatest Frenemy

Frenemy as defined by the Urban Dictionary: A portmanteau of friend and enemy; an enemy who acts like a friend. Sometimes spelled frienemy.

I don't know the definition of portmanteau because I was born in the 20th century and not the 18th, but it seems like a good definition to me and the topic is not so vital that I want to google it. I've heard of frenemies in celebrity gossip, and experienced them in high school.

We all know of highly publicized frenemies:

Paris Hilton&Nicole Ritchie... Kathy Griffin&The Olson Twins... Oprah&Food... USA&France... Women&Stilettos... Ramona&Jill Zarin...

One very important fact you should know about my life is that, like all important people, I have a frenemy.


Mondays are my friend. I listen to out-of-this-world playlists on Monday. I like seeing my coworkers and sharing weekend stories. I get to see June Cleaver's Famous Monday Swoon -see links to blogs i heart. I bring dark chocolate to work on Monday (ok that is everyday). I can remember all my lovely weekend memories. Ok enough of this crap. the weekend is gone! over! so that brings me to my next point.

Mondays are my enemy. I wake up in a fog that feels like a coma. I have to go to work. I can't wear jeans, scrubs, or work-out pants. I have to do work. I have to focus. I have to wake up at an un-godly hour. I have to do work and I know that this will go on for 5 or 6 straight days. Again. Possibly for the rest of my life unless I win the lotto. Even Bethany works a real job like all the little ppl, so at least I'm not alone.

Honestly, I'm still in that Monday fog right now and I've been up for hours. Maybe that is why this post is so lamespice. I'm stealing the word lamespice from Lauren. Wow, stealing comes so easily on Mondays. No regrets. Ok another point for Monday is that when things go wrong (as they are bound to do on Monday) or if you have a confused coma on your face when your boss asks you a serious Q, you can just say "Oh sorry, its Monday and my brain isn't quite working. Could we go over this tomorrow? Lovely. Cheerio!".


I love to hate Monday and I hate to love it. did you get that? And I really think Monday feels the same way about me. My imeem playlist is titled "Must Love Mondays". But I'd rather listen at home. All this comparing and contrasting, seeing Monday as either/or, black and white when the other 6 days have color, it is making me hungry. Wow I need a black and white cookie. Want not need. I want a black and white cookie.
Ok so my frenemy and I get by. We haven't had any major feuds of late. I no longer dread Sundays (in preparation for Monday). But serio, how do you get thru your Monday? Do you have a mantra for me? A visual? Is June Cleaver the only person who cares about improving my relationship with Monday? Probably yes. And I am forever grateful. And swoony. And scandalized.

ps- Another frenemy: dairy. But I won't get into that on a Monday. tmi. tmi.

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lovey said...

Aaaaaah the Monday dilemma, THAT"S why its good to read THIS blog on a Friday!!! he he he, then I dont feel so bad about it.....