Friday, May 15, 2009

Today is Friday, it is my day

Topic 1.

I wish Youtube would let me embed this here video for you, but it is too official. Offically rockin! You will have to just clickety click click your bad self right over and watch Goldspot Friday all on your own. You're a big kid now. You can do it!

Don't worry because the video is also available in Hindi.

Topic 2. In other news... I think my office may have a ghost. A ghost that goes around locking you out while you get coffee. And your key is inside the room you are locked out of. I don't know how NOT to end sentences in prepositions. Any tips?

Back to our ghost. I hope he is a friendly ghost like Casper. Or a fierce vegetarian vampire like Edward Cullen. Yeah you're right, a vampire is probably more likely.

Topic 3. Mrs. June Cleaver is taking a blogging break and I virtually miss her. No, I do not know her in real life, but what is so wrong with internet blogger friends? Nothing. Thats what I thought. This next video is posted in June's honor.

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