Friday, May 22, 2009


Back to reality.

Yes. You read right. I did not die of the swine flu after all. It was just sinusitis and now I have antibiotics. And I'm back at work using up all the tissues. Yay.

Get ready. I've watched so so much tv and done so much foggy thinking in the last 2-3 days that I have a plethora of information to share! You're welcome.

1- Most importantly, you know those high heeled sandals that you see everywhere- they look like booties but they are sandally and strappy like gladiators? They are called: CAGED sandals. I don't like the name. It scares my feet. So, I refuse to buy a pair. Also because I don't think I can walk in them.

2- I am back to thinking clearly now, and I now realize that I have made a crap ton of errors this week. Oops!

3- While just as stupid, corny, scandalous, and addictive, Old 90210 is way better than New 90210. My decision is final. [Now, my mom would ask, "it is better, but is it better for you?" She is not referring to nutrition, but to my soul. My answer to this Q is a solid I don't think so.]

4-My youngest sister turned 14 while I was sick. I missed it. I wanted to stop her from getting any older with a DeLorian and the space-time continuum. But, alas the benadryl killed that plan. There is always next year. Here is a picture of me trying to get the DeLorian started while in my benadryl induced coma.

So my friends, since I am extremely crazy behind at work I must away. Until next time. Farewell.

ps- I have been made aware that this does not qualify for that 'plethora of information'. I'll get to the rest. Don't worry your pretty little head about it.

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