Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uptown Bombing

Excuse me. But someone bombed my local Starbucks yesterday early in the morning. Bombed it. Serio. That is so not cool. I may not be the biggest fan of Starbucks, but I like to go there every so often. I like my occasional decaf iced mocha. This girl does not need caffeine. Or sugar actually, but I like me some iced mocha. It is delish. A nice little treat on a hot day. And it feels healthier than ice cream, even if it isn't.
Whatevs. The point is this: this little rinky dink bombing was very rude and will not be tolerated. I admit that the regular Starbucks coffee tastes like ground up, filtered trash in a cup. But those cups have some profound sayings on the side. And, it may have taken me years, but if I can find a drink to order, I bet the bombers can too. It just takes some persistance. If people just went around bombing Starbucks everytime they weren't satisfied with their hot beverage, where would this country be? Where would we be!?

The Governor looks like he needs his latte. "Where is my damn latte???!!" I heard him say that.
A detective came to my door last night to ask if anyone heard or saw anything. We said 'no' politely, and he went on his merry way. That was the excitement of my 3 day weekend.
Or was it?
Ok ok ok so I'm holding out on you. I admit it. I hit a beautiful sale yesterday at Ann Taylor Loft. I am in love with that place. In. Love.

I bought this comfy dress. Exhibit A
And these denim shorts. Exhibit B (yes, those are my long, lean legs. thank you for noticing).

It was great to be back with my bestie Ann in her uptown loft. Reunited and it feels so good.

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Liza said...

o to the M to the G

u make me laugh so hard. But serio it was pretty rude of them to hit OUR starbucks... the nerve of them.

Oh and yes for the record.. u look FAB in ur new clothes!! Hooray for bringing back the shorts uptown girl! no more tomboy looks for u this summer!! ;)