Thursday, May 7, 2009

Attn Sam Champion


We have had pouring rain everyday this week. Every. Day. Every stinking day. And hello, this is May in New York! Not Seattle. Not London. Not April. Not nice.
Stomping my foot.

Serio- nyc people. We commute to work using mass transportation! I take a bus and then walk outdoors for several blocks on the wet flooded streets. Oh also it is pretty humid so my hair looks like something out of the 80s.

Ok so let me just share this story... It was sunny out and my coworker and I decided to go to the ice cream truck a couple blocks away. Not 1 freaking minute after we left the building did it start pouring. It was raining cats and dogs and sideways. We still ran to the ice cream truck to get our ice cream fix, stood in a bank lobby to eat the ice cream, and then ran back. My pants are soaked from the knees down and my feet and shoes are, too!

Now, now. Don't cry for me Argentina. It is all ok! Wanna know why? Today I am going out for Happy Hour!! Happy Hour. That's right, it makes everything all better! I've been thinking about it all the day long. It turns my frown upside down. It makes my rainy sky blue!

Also the coworker who got soaked with me knows where there is a dryer and she dried my pants and socks for me (yes I am sitting here in someone else's extra pants that may or may not close).

Please participate in this survey:

Are you in a fight with Sam Champion/all weatherpersons? Or is it not really their fault? Where do you stand on this important issue?


Liza said...


Laura said...

I guess you do need to get some cute rain boots now-galoshers--or whatever they are called.

Also-good plan to not forgo the ice cream-way to stick it to that weather man.

And--it's raining here to, but not sure if its that sam guys fault

Lovey said...

Sam Champion has been officially removed from my Top 10 Favorite People List!!

Peter said...

haha.."stick it to the weather man" nice Laura.

Yes, I'd blame Sam the Champ.

Maria, it hasn't rained in Chennai for over a month so let me know if you want to visit.

Disclaimer: high humidity and 95+ degrees everyday for the next 2 months.

Uptown Girl said...

First of all, you all get an **uptown stamp**.
Sam must read my blog because today is sooo sunny! Do you think he is trying to make it up to us? Me thinks he is. Me thinks.

ps- pete, how much are those tickets? do i need to get a sugar daddy to fly me to india?