Wednesday, May 6, 2009

real nyc

I am just going to go ahead and assume that everyone understands what I mean when I say- Bethany rocks. [If you don't know who Bethany is, well I feel sad for you right now. But I have a post to write and you have 2 seasons of Real Housewives of NYC to watch... so lets dry our tears and get to it]

Last night was the final episode of the Real Housewives of New York City- the only version of housewives that I think is worth watching and obsessing about. Obvi. They do live in my hood even if they misrepresent said hood. Disclaimer: these women are NOT housewives in the traditional/sane/real sense. The Bravo real housewife is not your typical stay-at-home mom that is devoted to her husband and children, homemaking, and domestic stuffs. So please do not get confused. They are crazy pseudo-celebrities that have too much $$$ for their own good. That's right, most of them are self-important bi-otches. Don't misread that...I said MOST.

Now, I live in New York. And I've never heard of these ppl except on the show. Yet, they think they are God's gift to NYC. I have news for you 'housewives'- God's gift to NYC is called pizza.

Ok so now that we have all that business talk out of the way I will tell you why Bethany Frankel is the bomb (as my mom would say- she likes to use old slang words and i like to quote her. get used to it). She is the only one who is REAL. She tells it like it is, she has a sense of humor, she is a kick-arse bff, and she doesn't stab the other housewives in the back. And to top that off, Bethany ain't nobody's housewife! She is single and she went out with a hot frenchman in one of the episodes. The main reason why I heart Bethany is that she puts the other women to shame and makes their insanity and self-absorption even more obvious WHILE being a good friend. She is pictured here with her hot gay hairdresser who she wants to marry. And so do I.
Am I alone here? I know my roomies love Bethany too. So much that Lovey joined Bravo's msg board last night to comment about it! You go reality-show-msg-board-queen. You go!
For the record, I also love to hate Kelly and LuAnn. Has anyone EVER even heard of Kelly? She thinks she owns nyc- and lets be clear: I own nyc. I do.


Liza said...

oooooooooooo M G!!!!! LMAO
such a good post... straight from the heart..and absolute TRUTH! love Bethany to hate the rest. Keep the posts commmming :)

Maria said...

I'm with ya, sista. Bethany is hysterical. Plus she is in touch with the real world. I loved the episode where she was at the grocery store in Conn. selling her cupcakes. No one wanted any and one old lady even asked her where the rotessorie chickens were. The rest of the ladies would have a hissy-fit, but Bethany took it all in stride.

I hate Kelly. I think she does drugs. Seriously. Something needs to explain her behavior.

Urban Mom said...

OK, I've never seen it. But I know the type, as their spores have taken flight and landed in Chicago. The gals who do not work, are SAHM's, yet have a FULL-TIME NANNY? Who nearly run me over as they ditch their kids at the swanky private school and race to their nail appointment? Who are these people? But who am I kidding. If they did a Chicago version, I'd end up obsessing....