Wednesday, December 30, 2009

inappropriate behavior

Please be advised that it is completely inappropriate to leave an Uptown Girl on hold. This should really be common sense and common knowledge. You don't put VIPs on hold. For any reason. Unless the VIP has asked to be put on hold because he or she needs a break from your voice. Barring that, just do not do it.

I have waited on hold so much this morning that I've decided to abandon my workplace at 5pm today not to return until early next year.
Make that early next decade.
Also I had scheduled vacay days.
But I will be sticking it to the man nonetheless.

I would possibly approve of a hold system in which I choose my own music. Or if someone came on the line to tell me a story or provide some juicy gossip during the wait. [This idea is **Uptown Girl APPROVED**]


DeNae said...

I really love the idea of gossip-y hold 'music'. What's more, it should be about whoever I'm holding for. I'm kinda thinking this would cut wait times in half, easy.

Happy New Year!

Alice said...

The title of this post made me think it was another one about me. ha!

Enjoy your time off. See you next decade!

Uptown Girl said...

DeNae- I bet no one would get put on hold if that were the case! you are so smart and innovative.

Alice- if it were about you it would read "inappropriate shenanigans". obvi...