Monday, December 14, 2009

my real age

I have been so busy since my return to the good ole USofA. It is unreal I tell you. Unreal. Ok it is real. The life of an uptown girl like me is just non-stop. I should've expected to return to a myriad of social invitations but my mind was stuck on Bollywood I suppose. Can you blame me? No.

Well, keeping me from blogging this weekend (other than my usual lack of regular computer access) was dinner&drinks with the girls on Friday night, attending a baby shower on Saturday, sadly skipping a bday party on Saturday night because I was so tired after the baby shower (is it just me or is it tiring to watch other ppl open gifts?), and co-hostessing a pot-luck dinner on Sunday. Whirl-wind-week-end.

And that brings me to my birthday week. It really crept up on me so fast and I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed. The anticipation is always the best part of these things you know. I'd rather anticipate turning 22 rather than actually turn 22. I mean, 29.

We're close friends, you and I, I'll level with you. I tell everyone I'm turning 22. But since I know you can keep a secret, know this info already, and respect me more for my wisdom and grace, you get to know my real age. This Friday I will turn 29 for the first time. Probably the first of many years that I tell people I'm 29. Even once I'm owning it as a 30-something, I'll still like to see if people believe I'm younger. Obvi. I smoked cigarettes for years just to get carded. I could smile for days knowing that the bodega man wasn't sure if I was over 18. Ahh, good times, good times. Now that I'm a happy non-smoker though I try to find new ways to get my laughs and create situations in which to be inadvertently complimented. It is a cherished past-time of mine. Be sure to pass on any tips or suggestions in this venture. It would be most appreciated by yours truly.


Bollywood Queen Uptown Girl


Alice said...

I turn 30 in exactly two weeks. I WISH people would think I'm younger. Instead I hear "that's it? Only 30" didn't realize I looked so freakin' old. The kids age me I tell ya!

Laura said...

Almost your birthday! And Pete comes home-that should be nice for you. Just catching up on my Uptown Girl reading... I mailed your christmas card today, I hope that you get it b/c I addressed it to "uptown girl", surely the kindly mailman in NYC know you by that??? Let me know ;)

M-Cat said...

Happy almost birthday. And considering I am 43 - I must be ANCIENT in your eyes. ANCIENT.

It's sick to say that I look forward to 50. For reals.

DeNae said...

M-Cat and I are pals, and she can afford to look forward to 50. She's gorgeous and fitter than ten fiddles. And she's younger than me. By two years.

MY 30th birthday, however, was quite exciting. It was the day OJ drove his white bronco down the LA freeway after some mysterious intruder not himself murdered his wife and her friend.

And we all kept saying, "C'mon, just do it already. We've got dinner reservations!"

Because that's the kind of empathetic gene pool I swam out of.

Happy Birthday! (And yes, I saw the part where you're really only 29. But I don't have any 29th birthday stories...)

Uptown Girl said...

Alice- HAPPY 30th! You'll have to let me know what to expect ;) and I'm sure whoever said that to you is just jealous.

Laura- what else would they know me as?

M-Cat- don't get crazy! DeNae just called you "gorgeous and fitter than ten fiddles". How fit are fiddles?

DeNae- sounds like a memorable 30th, I hope something equally exciting happens on my bday. in a good way.

whitest indian said...

30 bah

I guessed 21-ish topsss

Peter- he is coming how exciting
and happy early bday- I am sure you are gonna own

psht so sacat (sp?)
is it wrong now that I want to bring my crew into light about that- i dont think they would understand and the last thing I need is more people questioning my ridiculous manliness

Uptown Girl said...

whitest indian- sacot!! and feel free to spread the word around with pride.

I checked out your "blog" and understand why you wouldn't want your innermost thoughts to be google-able, but you should just own it bc blogging is at the top of that list of stuff white ppl like. kthanksbye.