Wednesday, January 27, 2010

today's inspiration

This morning's hump-day post by Ann had a lovely painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

When I saw that, all of a sudden I had my inspiration and went surfing the web for Renoir's paintings. It's right up my alley. I heart many many impressionist, post-impressionist, and expressionist paintings. I just gravitate towards them. When I seldom make it over to the Met, I prefer to stay put amidst the VanGogh's, Renoir's, Manet's, and Monet's.

So, since I've been blatantly stealing my post-inspirations from fellow rockstar bloggers, I'm posting pics of some Renoir's that speak to me today.
The Luncheon of the Boating Party. I want to be there right now. At that luncheon. In that painting. It looks like an uptown group of friends playing hooky from work... obvi. Maybe we are in Connecticut for the day chilling with our bestie, Alexis, who recently moved and now has oodles and oodles of acres all for her lonesome.

[aside: FYI, that's what an Uptown Girl does if and when she leaves the UES- she gets herself some land and some nature and a freestanding clawfoot tub in CT or NJ. Close enough to make it back to the homeland for time with her besties and visits to Alice's Tea Cup, but far enough to see the stars at night. Then, when she misses me too much, she will inevitably move back. Done and doner. And donest.]

In the painting, I think I'd fit right next to that dude from Williamsburg standing against the railing in his beater tank top and wearing Alexis' straw hat.
Oh, that brings me to the next painting...
The Dance at Bougival. This puts the funniest image in my head. I'm thinking... did this old-time uptown girl know she was dancing with a quintessential hipster? Is there an indie song playing? Could that poss be my nomadic brother behind that beard? Did Renoir and his cronies start the whole hipster trend back in their olden times?

What is inspiring you today? Do you have some paintings that stick in your mind like gum on my Prada heels? tme [remember tme=tell me everything]!


Amber W. said...

I love those artists, too. I just love that time period in general. I get lost in Degas' paintings of ballerinas.

Ann-tidote said...

love it. live it.

my godmother has a renoir (a real one) in her bathroom. when we go to the bathroom we say we're going to check on the renoir!

Uptown Girl said...

Amber- right!? love. but... re: Degas, after awhile he seems like a creepster to me, not gonna lie.

Ann- she has a REAL one?? fo shizzle? why in the bathroom???!!! awesome!

Ann-tidote said...

who even knows why it's in the bathroom...the house also has an elevator...

Anonymous said...

I'm a lover of Monet landscapes. Would love to be in this one:

Uptown Girl said...

Ann- Your Godmother sounds like my kind of girl.

Katy- Can I come too?