Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the time has come

Oh I think you know what I'm saying.

It's quiztime on the blogizzle fo rizzle!

That's right, this is the part where I ask some random and bordering on weird questions and you answer! How excited are you?!?

Question 1: When was your first kiss and what song was playing?
a- ok this might not be the best multiple choice question...
b- just answer it

Question 2: How do you feel about Christmas decorations?
a- I don't celebrate the holiday, but I still put up a tree!
b- If I want to see holly and lights I can head to Macy's. Not in my home.
c- They are the bestest! I keep them up from November til March and compete in a neighborhood contest called "Try Not to Set the Block on Fire with the Brightness".
d- Christmas decorations are def my thang - but let's keep it close to Christmas peeps.Question 3: Which tv show do you prefer?
a- How I Met Your Mother - that Lily is just hilario!
b- White Collar - ummm have you seen the main character? what a hottie...
c- Criminal Minds - serial killers exist? ok, why not?
d- Project Runway - yeah, I'm in love with Tim Gunn. Is that so surprising?
Question 3: Dream piece of furniture?
a- That rattan chair I've had my eye on since junior high.
b- A new bed to replace my old yet practical futon.
c- Three words: La-z-boy. Obvi, I can't believe you even asked me that.
d- Another mirror, so I can admire myself from over there in addition to over here.
Question 4: Fave high school subject. Yeah, even if you don't remember a thing.
a- Math. Everybody knows that numbers are the coolest.
b- English. Hello, learning to read and write brought me to where I am today... to this very awesome blog!
c- History. I learned what not to do to screw up the future.
d- Science. Freaky experiments are my thing.

Question 5: What kind of music makes you happy when you're feeling blue?
a- Pop. Dancing my cares away to the latest hits always lightens my mood.
b- Oldies. How can I listen to those golden oldies and not smile?
c- R&B. I can sing my heart out and feel it all. It helps if I can cry it out actually...
d- Indie. I'm a hipster, not a teenager in angst, please recognize the difference.

Ok, go ahead and post your answers as your comment, and def let me know if you post a follow-up quiz on your blog. It's what all the cool kids are doing.

ps- as always, adding 'e' other and giving your explanation is a-ok.


Anonymous said...

Sorry don't have time to answer all of them but I had to comment: Tim Gunn is MY boyfriend and you're not allowed to talk to him.

Uptown Girl said...

Kaela- it seems that no one has time to answer the quiz. so sad...
You can actually keep Tim- he's gay. and after my personal 'ultimate throwback' I learned not to date gay men anymore. It's not as fun as you'd think.

Cathy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love tests....errr, quizzes...whatever.


Is the guy in the recliner drinking diet Dr. Pepper?? What's up with that?

Liza said...

1. i dont kiss and tell
2. d- Christmas decorations are def my thang - but let's keep it close to Christmas peeps.
3-a. a- How I Met Your Mother
3-b. c- Three words: La-z-boy. Obvi, I can't believe you even asked me that.
4. c- History.
5. a- Pop. Dancing my cares away to the latest hits always lightens my mood.

Amber W. said...

1 - I was 17 (yep, it's true) and I wasn't planned on being kissed that night, so I have no idea what was playing in the background.

2 - D. I definitely go all-out, but they're usually down New Year's Day.

3a - D. Definitely a "Runway" fan!

3b - E. I'm in desperate need of couches

4 - B. English was usually my strong-suit.

5 - I usually go for the oldies but goodies.

City John said...

hmm i love quizzes:
Q 1: was 16 and something from menudo was playing in the background...

Q 2: e) my mother tortured me and our neighbors by having the hugest brightest xmas lights, i.e., a 15 foot hot air filled santa claus which began to lose air and lean to one side like he'd been shot...

Q 3: c) CM, it gives me a chance to know my enemy's profiles should i ever be kidnapped. oh and a.j. cook is cute

Q 3: Hey, you listed 3 twice, did anyone else also recliners + remote + small fridge filled with snacks = :)

Q 4: Well I took french for 6 years in H.S. so i'd say e) french

Q 5: B) Beatles and Johnny Cash and anything by wierd al yankovich

fun quiz. do we get a prize, honorable mention, a kazoo, snow hat, Avatar Theater Tickets?

Uptown Girl said...

woohoo! A+ for all of you!
I'm glad you noticed that I put #3 in there twice... I swear it was intentional. It's my new thing.

Cathy- welcome! If i get that La-Z-Boy it'll have real live beer, no DrPepper.

Liza- pls don't lie on my blog, i know you kiss and tell.

Amber- beware of Kaela up there, she has dibbs on Tim Gunn...

City John- you get graded, obvi... A+!

Amber W. said...

Kaela can have Tim. I guess I'll settle for Michael Kors... :-)