Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's not easy being GREEN

This little tiny 2 inch vial of medication was delivered to me in my office today. It has to be refrigerated. No big deal. I order and receive meds for patients all the time.
Right. Well, this tiny 2 inch vial arrived in this big box (1 foot, cubed). When I openned the box I saw that the brown cardboard box was then lined with a 2 inch deep styrofoam box filled with paper and a cooling pack and the little vial I need in a plastic bag.
Are they for rizzle? This happens all the time. Regularly. However, some pharmacies ship the medications in smaller or more environmentally friendly ways. This is just ridic.
And, you should know that everytime I receive a shipment like this I get upset and frustrated for the environment (and also because it is so annoying to open that styrofoam bit). See- I am so uber green. I recycle and I get irritated by things like this. And then I blog about it. Blogging is way greener than sending newsletters to each of you.
Also, this time I got so green that I called the company and left a message on the complaint line. Don't you think I'm moving up in the ranks from sage towards evergreen? What shade are you?
To save some energy I'll even send you each a virtual hug rather than giving you a real one: O
Saving the environment one post at a time. You're welcome.
Uptown Girl


M-Cat said...

For reals. Ridiculous!
When I worked in the doctor's office I was and continue to be amazed at the CRAP the rx companies bring. Back when Billary was trying to push their healthcare plan, I wanted to save all the shizzle I got for just one week and send it to the oval house to tell them THIS is why our healthcare costs are so high!

Ruh Ro - look what happened! I totally got carried away in a simple comment.

Pardon me...

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Maria! YOu are WAY more green than I am! I must be like pale puke green. I am one of those who cares about the environment, but its on the bottom of my "Things I am passionate about" list. You inspire me.

I think its because the NE is very pro-green compare to other regions of the U. S.

LOVED reading your resolutions. YOu rock.

Ann-tidote said...

dude-have you seen rachel mcadams' blog?

Laura said...

Good for you for bringing attention to a problem that NEEDS to be fixed. Hasn't the company heard of bubble wrap. Love your blog sweetie! Come stop by for a slice of San Francisco...

rita said...

I'm a pretty rosy pink! (Green makes me anxious.)

We bought a brand-spanking-new Prius in November, because I love Toyotas and won't drive anything else, but also because it costs about $25 each fillup. I'm all about saving money NOW and not worrying whether the car will pay for itself by using less gas. I just like the $25 I spend on 500 miles' worth of gas.

And it looks like I really care about the environment. I mean, I DO, but really, it's all about me.

I get boxes of staples for the Xerox--that come in little rectangular boxes--packed in HUGE boxes filled with styrofoam. WTF?

Uptown Girl said...

M-Cat -don't get me started, I have a crap ton of stories about why healthcare is so $$$!!

Ann- thx for that link, very informative blog...Anna- you should check it out! but yeah, green isn't my highest priority in general, just if it fits in ;)

Laura- come back soon! I'll come check you out in SF fo sho.

Rita- I can totally relate to the Prius thing. I used to have Honda Fit and the gas was just as awesome. But, I now pay $0 for gas since I take mass transit. Booyah.