Thursday, January 28, 2010

did my filter take the day off?

Sometimes I don't know why I say things. Unacceptable sentiments fly out of my mouth like a bee from a hive. It is so hard being an Uptown Girl! I have many opinions that matter, but I don't really want to share them with everyone all the time. Hence the blog...

This afternoon I explained to two coworkers - male doctors - that I don't think men should wear pink. While they were both wearing pink ties!
My personal preferences are always often eventually converted into universally held beliefs, but this was not one of those important topics. I mean, I don't care if those coworkers wear pink. As long as I don't have to see a pink tie on a date or on a man I like (and I do mean like like, not just like), it really doesn't matter to me.

And yet, my filter was so fried today that at the very moment I needed it to sift out unnecessary commentary, it was busy malfunctioning! Time to get out of this place and go recharge and reboot the filter connecting my brain and my mouth.
Ummm anywho.... while we're on the subject... how do you feel about men in pink?


City John said...

Well dont' feel too i was commenting with a co-worker that i thought the old design of a site we are re-designing, sucks..what i hadn't realized was that one of my other co-workers who was sitting near by, heard this and she was the one who did the original design...yes, i know..foot in mouth

but, there is a solution: A Brain Britta. yes much like a britta filter for water...they also make them for brains...or so i've been told.

Sarah Harkins said...

pink is soooo passee on men!

rita said...

Pink on men? Nah.

I have no filter on a good day, much less when my brain is fried (as it usually is).

DeNae said...

I like pink ties with a black or dark navy suit. And my filter was fried by the time I hit my 40s. Really, it's very sad.

Uptown Girl said...

City John- where can I order a Brain Brita? That sounds amazing!

Sarah- I love that you said "passe".. I need to find more ways to incorporate that word into my vocab.

Rita and DeNae- thanks for comiserating with me. It is nice to know I'm not alone in this disorder.

Sarsh722 said...

I have a serious problem of word vomiting around co-workers...I used to be so careful when I first started, but as time went on I got more and more comfortable, and now I'm finding myself dropping "that's what she saids" like I'm in a bar surrounded by my bffs. Borderline inappropriate.

And I vote no pink. Call me a traditionalist, but I would so much prefer a stronger color on men.