Thursday, January 21, 2010


Apparently you don't like taking quizzes... strange. don't you enjoy being judged??

I like quizzes so much that: I went to college for 6 years.

I like quizzes so much that: in school I thought a pop quiz was a surprise party.

I like quizzes so much that: I did the personality profile test on eHarmony for fun [aside: maybe I joined maybe I didn't. I like to remain mysterious.]

I like quizzes so much that: I've taken online tests to find out what flavor chapstick I resemble, what Jane Austen character I'd be, and how well I know the Goonies.

I like quizzes so much that: I will give you my answers to the below quiz.

1- I was 13 when I had my first real kiss, and Meatloaf was playing at a dance.

2- (D) Christmas decs from mid-December to early January

3- (C) I'm a little obsessed with Criminal Minds lately. It makes me sort of paranoid, but that Dr. Reed... yumm.

3- (B) A nice new bedframe would be just the thing. Also, did anyone notice that I have two #3s listed?

4- (B) This one is a toss-up, but I'd have to say English was the only subject I liked multiple years in a row.

5- (B) You know I love my Oldies. I can't believe you had to ask...


Anonymous said...

I missed the original quiz post - sorry!

Yes, CRIMINAL MINDS! SAS Morgan is more my style!

English (read: writing / blogging) is definitely your thing, UG!

Uptown Girl said...

Katy- I believe it is "SSA"... sorry to correct you in public like this, but I know my team.
Morgan is the true swoonable one, I don't know how I feel for Dr. Reed!!

Anonymous said...

Of course, SSA!! The UG always can correct on her blog - an error-free zone, especially when talking about SUPERvisory SPECIAL Agents!

I love the mind mysteries...