Friday, June 25, 2010

Because it's Friday - If you want your workplace grievances taken seriously, don't air them in a magazine with Lady Gaga on the cover
Because it's Friday, I can't remember if i have any workplace grievances this week. All I know is that I'm utterly confused about the whole McCrystal debacle.

I mean.... everytime I watch or read news this week, I learn something new or contradictory to the last time I tuned in.

What boggles my mind is #1- the game of Boggle, and #2- that in this day and age, someone would be so dumb as to somehow dis their boss publicly. Don't you know that you don't do that on Facebook, loudspeaker, or magazine article?
[Aside: please don't be offended Blogland. By "you" here, I don't actually mean you. I mean Generals. I think I can safely assume that Generals in general don't read my blog as I never refer to war, weapons, or ammunition. Sometimes hot men in uniform, but even that is rare. Note to self....]

If you don't have something nice to say, come sit next to me.

In writing, workplace slander should only occur on an anonymous blog. Not even in email. Now, if you ask me if I've ever complained about my boss in writing, well, I'd have to plead the Fifth... but I do know it's a bad idea. Obvi. Plus, my boss isn't the President of the U S of A. Or even the boss of the company. Don't tell him I said that though.

You're welcome for all this etiquette advice.
Always remember, in the words of a very wise woman with a scarily auto-tuned voice:
Money can't buy you class. Elegance is learned, my friends.


M-Cat said...

Funny - that's all we've been talking about amongst my very military family all week. FB is smoking from the messaging that has gone on.

Our final conclusion. It wasn't a mistake. There is another side to the picture - the military side. None of the generals agree with Barry, so in order to get done what they need to get done, McCrystal will and agreed to take the fall so that behind the scenes, they can move forward with what the military agrees is best and not have to put up with Barry's ignorant/uninformed/inexperienced ass.

That is all.

: )

And NO! I'm not a nut job! LMAO

Anonymous said...

UG: I'm taking a break from boxes and moving and checking in... how are you?

M-Cat: I like the theory! It certainly makes more sense than this hero-general and his close staffers being so careless... It certainly - in the end - made Barry look petty and thin-skinned...

UG: Call... email... Tell Own-It girl that I can't believe I have to move Leland's gift!!

Uptown Girl said...

M-Cat- i like your theory too... I just don't think doing it via Rolling Stone was the best choice. Redbook maybe.

Katy- email sent! message to Liza, check check! I miss your face :)