Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Da Do Run Run Run Da Do Run Run

So the Friday night date re-cap is a little overdue. Please excuse me, I know you've been waiting anxiously.

I will refer to this guy as TV man. You guessed it. He works in television. Behind the scenes, although he is cute enough to be on camera.
This is a first date story of SUCCESS! TV Man = a keeper! At least until after date #2 when I will again re-evaluate. Statistically, let's just say his chances don't look so good. It's not my decision, it's just math.

Ok. Yes. It is my decision. And I'm attempting to remain in a certain state of mind. The state of pleasantly surprised.

It works like this:

Date #1 went smoothly. How do I feel? Pleasantly surprised.
TV Man texted me something cute the next day. How do I feel? Pleasantly surprised that he followed up.
Tuesday night, TV Man called and asked me for Date #2 (and has a whole elaborate plan in mind). How do I feel? Pleasantly surprised.

My BFF Lovey taught me this technique. My usual state of mind with dating is more extreme. Either the state of high expectations OR the state of expecting disaster, doom & gloom, and calamity. This technique is your basic no expectations approach. Seems to be working for me.

TV Man travels a lot, so coordinating Date #2 is tricky and still up in the air. Afterall, I'm an Uptown Girl and my schedule (to be pronounced like "shed"- the fancy way) is quite busy. Between my elite array of activities and TV Man's globe-trotting lifestyle, we may lose some momentum, or we may not. Time will tell.
To be completely honest, as always, I don't think I would mind dating someone who travels often. I like my Independence and my girltime and, unless I'm super into a guy, I don't want to see him everyday anyways. That said, I'm looking to get super into a guy. Soooooo in that case maybe I would actually want him around? How is this supposed to work?

Enough rambling for one lunch break. I will keep you abreast of the situation. Because I know you care. Deeply.


M-Cat said...

On effing pins and needles......

Glad #1 went well!

Amber W. said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that things keep getting better and better! :-)