Monday, June 21, 2010

the tally

Thank you for voting on the poll. Clearly you all (but one) think I should continue the online dating.

I'm a big rebel though (ask my mom). I ended my subscription. I just can't take it anymore.

For now, I'll try to keep seeing the men I met online and meet the rest organically.
In real life.
The old fashioned way: drunk at a bar with a low cut top.
Negative. That was a lie. Trashy is not so much my style. I prefer to be a classy lady and bring all the boys to the yard in more subtle ways. Using telepathy and subliminal messaging. And batting my eyes like Betty Boop. Now she had it going on.

Somehow my skills don't yield a high return (although I'm having luck with 30 Rock men), but I will continue to practice and bring you some stories.

For now, TV Man is keeping me distracted. I'll report back with more deets a-s-a-p. Maybe later tonite.


M-Cat said...

That Betty Boop - she DID have it going on!

Good luck in the dating arena

rita said...

I met Tom at yahoo personals.....

Anna Liesemeyer said...

you are killing me! "bring all the boys to the yard in more subtle ways"...looove the way you think.
Looking forward to talking to you in person sooner or later:D

Uptown Girl said...

Rita- I had high hopes for mtg someone online, but it got to be too frustrating... so I'm taking a break from searching for my "Tom".

Anna- Next time I see you we may be in matching dresses! Or maybe sooner if we are very lucky. How I love stealing Liza's friends....