Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have another first date tomorrow night. It's getting to be ridiculous already. My roommates know exactly what I'll say when I get home and they ask about the date.

Me: "It was ok. He was really nice, but I don't really like him like that". Every. single. time.

In the last 5 months, I've gone out with 7 guys from online, 2 guys from real life. 13 dates total.

I sort of liked one guy a little bit (the pilot), and he texted but never called. Rude. I totally liked another guy after only 2 dates and then he dropped off of planet Earth. You do the math. That leaves 7 dudes that I didn't like for one reason or another.

Statistically speaking, I will have a lovely evening eating seafood with my date tomorrow, but will not want to go out with the man again. That is: 85% probability with a mean of 3.

I made that up but I'm sure it is leftover knowledge from my college statistics course. 50% sure.

Anywhooooo this leads me to my newest poll. Yay blog!
Please see the top right-hand internet banner thing and VOTE about my online dating future. My future is in your hands and your mouse. Choose wisely.


Amber W. said...

Have fun! I hope he's a keeper, or at least worthy of date #2! :-)

M-Cat said...

Free food is never a bad thing. Maybe THIS ONE will be your prince charming. You know what they say about having to kiss a lot of frogs....

Amanda said...

You know what you need? a chart. I <3 charts!

Uptown Girl said...

ended up being a great date (surprisingly)... to be continued I hope.
I will post all about it a-s-a-p.

must learn to make charts. note to self.