Monday, May 10, 2010

cest la vie

Life has been happening a lot lately. To me.
Serio. Serio-city. Life= busy station.

Quick run-down for you:
Work has been so crazy of late that... one could say that I've been held hostage from Blogland. Without ransom.

My allergies are acting up so much that... one could say my eyes are a river of dreams. Like the song.

I celebrated my mom for 2 days this weekend... one could say she's the luckiest mom in NJ. Have you ever seen a show with "Jersey" in the title? It's not a far leap to say that having an Uptown Girl for a daughter is pretty sweet.

Gym= joined. I'm now a proud member of an indoor gym. Will exercising indoors help the allergies? Maybe.

There's more - fun stuff - regular stuff - living life stuff. And I miss you Blogland. Oh how I do.

Kiss kiss.

Uptown Girl


M-Cat said...

Glad to see you pop in for a sec!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

well I think your mom definately deserved two days of celebrating! Come back to posting soon...I need my comic relief!;)

The Artisann/Ann-tidote said...

we celebrated my mom for a flipping week! her bday was the 3rd. i told her after the weekend was over: "this is it, mom" hahahaa...
bonus? my dad's bday is right by fathers day too....

kado! said...

have fun at the gym! hope that helps the allergies!