Tuesday, May 4, 2010

al fresco

You should totally see my tan. I was looking at my arms a minute ago and they looked uber tan. I got a little excited.

Can you believe the summer is right around the corner?

My hair has been believing it the last couple days - getting all frizzy and wavy in the humidity. It's a beautiful thing. That is a lie...

I really have spent a lot of time outside lately - running, walking around, shopping, and just reveling in the warmth. You could say I'm pretty outdoorsy. I like eating al fresco. That is, if al fresco means eating outside. And, just to clarify: I like eating outside unless it is super humid, in which case I prefer air conditioning. Oh, I also hate mosquitoes, so if there are bugs around I also prefer the indoors. Please take note.

Serio though, I can't wait til summer vacay when I can sit poolside or on the beach and have zero responsibilities to speak of. I'm not a student, but having the whole summer off is sort of my fantasy. What are your fave outdoor activities and summer fantasies? Summer outdoor Beach Boys concerts? Flying kites? Ultimate frisbee golf league? Now, don't get crazy... but do tell.

Uptown Girl

ps- I was sitting in a shadow. My arms aren't actually tan. It was just an illusion. Too bad, so sad.


The Artisann/Ann-tidote said...

just start going tannning, then your illusion will be a reality.

i just like to lay (lie?) on a blanket in the sun on my back. it's nice. relaxing. sometimes henry (4 year old nephew) goes "i gotta lay down and relax, i been workin hard" and joins me.

Bethany + Ryan said...

saw ur comments on my sister's blog (Life is an Adventure-Dare it). Thanks for thinking that I'm "psycho fast" lol. :-) Have a nice day

M-Cat said...

not only am I jealous that you are in NY - but that you have warmth.....life blows in UT right now

Amanda said...

My favorite summer activity is laying my ass on the beach under an umbrella and reading some ridiculous chick lit.

The other day I had lunch outside our hospital bc now we have this nice new facility with a little outdoor terrace and actually good food. So anyway I was out there for an HOUR and got sunburned. Seriously. I am going to the beach next weekend and I CAN.NOT.WAIT.

rita said...

Beach. Beach chair in the edge of the water. Warm water. No-brainer chick lit. Thermos of rum punch.

Oh, wait. I tried the rum punch one year and fell asleep. Not as much fun as just soaking up the ambience. Now I just drink AFTER the beach.

I tanned so nicely over spring break. The weather in the Keys was wonderful. So last week my entire body flaked off the tan. And I hadn't even burned.

(Remember that I'm moving to the Keys in June and once the house is in shape, you're invited to the pool party.) (That also supposes that the pool is whipped into shape.)

kado! said...

ah this was refreshing to read on a cloudy day like today...where is our Summer??!! I want Beach weather and I want it NOW!!!!