Thursday, April 15, 2010

hi there

Hello Blogland.
I'm uber busy at work this week - a good thing because I have less time to be bored and less time to dream about and search for other jobs. Although I'm def considering doing that. But, there are SO many factors involved in a change that I go .. p r r r e t t y .. s l o w l y.
There is less time for me to obsess about the boy I like who hasn't called me. Is he dead? Deathly ill? Did his phone and computer both break? Did he lose his mind? Laryngitis?
I also have less time this week for my blogging passion. That means you. Hi you. Miss you ;)
For all you worriers, please rest assured that my voice is back at about 90% and I'm feeling much better. Still have a slight rasp. It just makes me sound sexy. Even more sexy, if you can imagine that. Wait, don't imagine it, that's creepy.
I'm so busy I can't even write a great post about how I'm going to happy hour after work tonight. A happy hour I planned but I'm not paying for. Be jealous.


Liza said...

ur rasp IS sexy!

ps - thanks for the invite to said happy hour. ouch.

kado! said...

I'm sure he has laryngitis just like you!!!

lucky you on the happy hour...oh look it's 4:00pm the kids just got home, I'll pour myself some OJ...that is what my "Happy hour" looks like today!

Alice said...

I am so jealous of your happy hour right now. I may tell the kids I'm off to bible study or something...then go to the bar instead. Dang that sounded like a true alcoholic. :D

Uptown Girl said...

It was def a very happy hour last night, but having Orange Juice at home with your kids? Priceless.

[Did that make you Moms feel better? I'm trying to cater to every audience here ;)]

The Artisann/Ann-tidote said...

love it...i'm going to austin to meet my new nephew!!!!!! :D

Sarsh722 said...

snaps to giving the boy who served you radio silence an mtv-style NEXT. i wholeheartedly agree.

[also to clarify, snaps were the sign of agreement in college sorority life...i don't want you to think this was a "snap across the body 'oh no he di'nt" snap. although that might also apply in this case]

Uptown Girl said...

thanks for the snaps!! I'm now OFFICIALLY saying: NEXT.