Monday, April 26, 2010

I am Uptown Girl

Sort of like Superman. One could say I'm like the superhero of the Upper Eastside. One could say that. One would be right.
Here I am high above Manhattan in my ultra-chic mask. You know, to protect my alter ego identity.
And here is a pic of my friend and counterpart Brooklyn Girl. She is a little more BoHo, flying barefoot. I wear heels when flying because, after all, I am Uptown Girl.


Teachinfourth said...

Okay, anyone wearing a superhero mask or pictured flying is cool in my book.

I went to NY this past summer and loved it. I plan to go again to see my brother and some good friends.

BTW, I stumbled across you through Tib. Totally not a stalker...

Uptown Girl said...

It's ok Teach, you can stalk my blog if you want. It's totally worth it. Welcome Uptown!

JMay said...

You are so cute Mariah :-) Love the mask picture!