Friday, April 9, 2010


I might start thinking about possibly maybe buying a bike. And riding it.

PROS: fun. feels like flying. outdoorsy. cute. can sing DoReMe and pretend I'm in the Sound of Music.

CONS: storage. fear of riding bike down hills. inability to ride bike up hills. sometimes I fall off of bikes when trying to stop. don't understand concept of gears.

I want this one.

I can be like Barbie.
But a nice beach bike is prob not the most practical for riding in NYC. I need something practical. And lots of armour: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads? Who knows.
Anywho, just an idea I'm thinking about. My friend Lovey and I might rent bikes for a day, ride around the hood (the Upper Eastside to be specific) and see how it goes. I should prob do this and find out about bike storage in my building before I buy one. Also, do you know about this 10-speed thing? Sounds tricky.

Happy weekend!
- enjoy it - live it - own it - move it - do it-


Squashys Girl said...

Cute cute cute bike!!!

kado! said...

i LOVE that one! I have a beach cruiser Schwinn that has 3 gears I think. I don't even need any of them, it was just the one I liked a couple years back.

but yes, be careful riding that in the city, it's the Taxis that you need to watch out for!!! maybe wear two helmets!

Alexis Blake said...

I've thought about getting a beach cruiser too!! Just like that one, I love it. Socot!

Although I will have to agree that it is super unsafe to bike ride in the city... maybe on east side like by the river!? Just protect your pretty little head and don't ride in the streets. XOXO

Amanda said...

I have a bike and I have ridden it like three times. We had such grand plans for it, too. We were gonna ride everywhere and be all crunch granola. But then I realized I can't master the brake and also am terrified of biking close to traffic.

rita said...

OMG, I think that's MY bike! I've never actually ridden it or anything, but I will when I move to the Keys in June. They're flat.

It belonged to a poor little rich girl who left it out in the rain, it rusted, so she got a new one. I profit from her negligence.

Uptown Girl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one scared of biking in the city... 2 helmets... check check.

Squashys Girl: Welcome Uptown!!

Alice said...

I'm a little late on this....story of my life. I have a beach cruiser that I love. It has not seen the beach as of yet, but whatev. So the thing is...I have to stand on a curb to get's comical. I should video myself getting on would make your day.

M-Cat said...

Go for the bike! Best cross training for your running, and seriously - so fun!

Urban Mom said...

During Life Before Marriage & Kids & When I Worked Downtown, I used to ride my bike. I didn't own a car, and on a pretty day, there was nothing better! I would ride slowly to work (to avoid needing a shower), hang my helmet on the handlebars while taking in the lakefront. Then I got to Randolph St., where I had to put on my helmet and brave the streets underground to get to the parking garage of Leo Burnett. I felt all Bad-Ass doing that. In order to avoid paying for a card to open the garage, I would wait for some swanky exec to come along (usually an older guy) and smile all cute and flaky and do the "silly me, i forgot my card AGAIN!" routine. It was a great way to blow off steam at the end of the day too. But then I would ride back down Dearborn and through Lincoln Park. The lakefront was packed by then -- I felt safer dodging the cabs than the people.
Ok, that got chatty. But I miss riding my bike. GET THE BIKE!!! Ahem. I mean, give it some thought. You might enjoy it.

Teachinfourth said...

My brother does some biking in NY, only he prefers to utilize the subways. I guess it's a bit of a pain with traffic and all that.

Your words along with the photo saying, "I can be like Barbie" made me laugh out loud.

Uptown Girl said...


MCat- cross training? yeah, I should try that since my running muscles are the only ones that ever get a workout...

UMom- so are you saying I might like biking then?

Teach- thank you for saying "laugh out loud" as opposed to "lol". Barbie like that.