Wednesday, October 6, 2010

brush that dirt off my shoulder

I may have told you this before... I'm kind of a big deal you know. Lately I've been busy busy busy with fun, active, and glamorous life pursuits.

More active than ever before in my life:

- hot yoga classes -
- kickball team -
- rollerblading -
- dating -
- running -
- indoor soccer team -

And, of course, dancing. No, not dance classes. Ok I did rock 1 hot Zumba class and will return when my schedule allows. My dance has been in posh bars with my best besties. Rocking out to all sorts of tunes. Last weekend I think I heard Ace of Base played 3-4 times between RBar and Lit Lounge. If you ever go to Lit Lounge, please be advised that they have a great DJ yet hot as Hades temperatures. And I'm not saying hot people. I'm saying sweaty people. Picture that.

All this action has been exhausting. And rewarding. It may be all the endorphins typing, but I'm happier and more at peace than I was in my former sedentary days. Don't worry, I still find the time to sit on the couch and watch DVR'd tv for hours and for going out to eat. Often.

In the glamour department: I ate delish shellfish at Atlantic Grill on Monday night with my roomies and Jenny May of Swede Records (fellow bridesmaid in Liza's upcoming wedding). She was here for the weekend and if I get my way, Jenny and her Swede will be moving to the Upper Eastside come springtime.
Aside: do you know that Jenny has 978 followers. Un-be-liev-a-ble.

Does anyone have a picture of this blogathering?

What have you been up to blogland? I'm so behind at my blog reading!


Katie Rose said...

wow, i thought i was busy! glad you are happy.

The Artisann said...

i know-how does she have so many followers!?!?!?!?! it boggllllles my mind.

JMay said...

oh m gee. This post is so NYC.

Had soooo much fun with you last weekend. I LOVED dinner at Atlantic Grill :-) I miss NYC already & trust me I'm working on the Swede for the move to NYC :-)

P.S. E-mail me your address b/c I want to send you a lil something to thank you for the skinny jeans ;-)