Friday, October 29, 2010


I admit that my costume ideas are a little bit lamespice this year. It's all an attempt at being green. Reduce Reuse Recycle = my Halloween motto.

Idea 1- Redo the Facebook costume from 2 years ago.
here we are "updating my profile"

Idea 2- Steal slash recycle my friends' costume idea from 2 years ago and dress as a NYC tourist.
I heart NY t-shirt is a must, plus fanny pack and map. Add sneakers to complete the look.
If I can get some others to join me, we can be a tour group complete with a big red umbrella.

Idea 3- Get inspired by you for a new plan.
I have no picture for this idea. So probs it won't be happening. That's how I roll. Also it's not green to do something new. Everybody knows that.

As evidenced by last year's Halloween posting, I'm kind of a lazy costumer. This is supposed to be a kiddie holiday anyway, right?

Not in NY. Here it is all about the grown-ups getting into some late night tricks and treats.

Do adults dress up where you're from or do you let the kids have all the fun? Do you have a go-to costume?


M-Cat said...

Where I live, it seems to be the one day that it's okay to dress like a total skank!

Can't stand it. In my own little protest, I am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt to work today.

Heather B said...

It's only the last few years that I started dressing up again, before I used to dress as a "Soccer Mom", "Stage Mom", "Stay at Home Mom" I find stuff around the house to use for a costume. This year? 80's Jem and the Holograms inspired. All because I found my NKOTB tshirt in the back of my closet. Halloween Rocks.

The Artisann said...

by adults do you mean women dressing as sluts? ya that still goes on here. I don't get it and I don't dig it. I have a spaghetti costume waiting for me to wear it, and I'm sick in bed so far. We'll see if I buck up enough to put it on. I won't mind using this as an excuse to miss out :)

Mary @ RoomPolish said...

uptown girl, what did you decide to go as? I love the tourist idea. I almost thought of going as an old-timey glam tourist, you know with the sunglasses and the scarf tied around the hair? But ended up not even dressing up! oops! I love your posts. Just must let you know. You are a funny writer and I love it!

Uptown Girl said...

Yes MCat and Ann- by adults I mean skanks. Ha!
I didn't actually dress up at all.
Hung out with some friends (and a guy I like) and since no one else was getting in costume, I didn't do it either. Lame, I know.
But I had a fun time and that's what counts right?
Thanks Mary, you are so sweet!