Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Subway Story

I suppose a lot of you fellow commuters have the day off for Columbus Day. However, I (like Christopher Columbus) came into work today. And the strangest thing happened on the subway. Eerie, really.

Instead of yearning for my bed and wallowing in self-pity slash jealousy on this national holiday, I'm rejoicing in the fact that NO ONE TOUCHED ME on the subway! I mean, there was no butt on butt action, no one's arm against my arm or purse strategically resting on my leg. You could say it was a miracle. You could definitely say that.
[An empty subway car is Urban Legend. This is an optical illusion created for the purposes of exaggeration only. Do not be disturbed. A middle-aged drunk man in a suit is no doubt sleeping under one of the seats.]

Granted, there were enough laborers en route to fill the seats and leave standing-room-only, but that is A-ok with this Uptown Girl. Namely because if I sit for too long during Morning-Commute-StageII of The Sleep Cycle, I'll surely seep back into REM.
It's science. Simple science.

With that in mind, please enjoy this holiday. I thank you for the breathing room this morning. It was special.


Liza said...


Anna Liesemeyer said...

wow I can only imagine how liberating that must feel. I get so grumpy in small confined spaces with lots of people...especially when they bump into you. Okay I guess I am sort of claustrophobic.

The Artisann said...

that's AWESOME. hahaah...i too had to work ugh.

Amanda said...

That sounds heavenly! I no likey being touched my strangers...its' one reason I hate elevators so much.

Uptown Girl said...

I thought about this post and that day a lot this morning as a gross middle-aged man pushed his way onto my full subway car just to be a jerk. I had to glare at him a lot so that I didn't curse him...
There was even an announcement that another train was 1 station away!