Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This has absolutely nothing to do with anything.
But I saw it and I thought of you. And that is meaningful, right?

someecards.com - If you dress like Snooki for Halloween, I'm going to punch you in the face
I may now have my costume idea. It would be the scariest costume I've worn in years. Maybe ever. Spooky Snooki has quite a ring to it.
Thoughts on this brilliance?


M-Cat said...

I am old and lame and don't know who Snookie is. Maybe from one of those Jersey shows?

If so, then YES, go as her!

Uptown Girl said...

Yes she is a Jersey Shore character. Even though it is a "reality show" I say character bc it cannot be real. And I grew up in the great state of NJ.

The Artisann said...

well i'm going as spaghetti, can't get more silly than that :)