Monday, October 4, 2010

subway horror story

I stepped onto the subway this morning to a horrifying (yet not uncommon) sight. Picture this. A teenage boy and girl in an intimate embrace. Holding onto each other rather than the bar. And then they made out. Like teenagers in a dark movie theater. Except they were on the train with a myriad of commuters and an Uptown Girl. Hi.

This behavior is not ok.

It is a Monday morning. Were you aware?
I now realize why, when I was in high school, adults on the train hated my friends and me(!). At the time I thought "they" were ageist freaks! Now I know that it is the other way around: teenagers are little psychopaths trying to ruin my Monday. Technically I already knew this tried and true fact, but it seems like fresh information right now.

I will not let this ruin my day. I will move on and forget the inappropriate PDA that started my work-week. I will get a lot of work done. I will persevere. I will pledge to end the week with some PDA of my own.

Why should the teens get to have all the fun?


Liza said...

HAHA sick.u are hilarious. I die. woudlve loved to see the death stare i KNOW u must have been giving them.

Anna Liesemeyer said...

eewwww. gag!
That is unacceptable....than again, you are in NYC;)
What a way to start a monday!

Katie Rose said...

so true Liza, i can only imagine the look on her face. i am shocked she didn't go break it up and give them a lecture.

Uptown Girl said...

I took the high road and looked the other way, actually. After just 4-5 nasty glares when they came up for air. High road.