Friday, March 26, 2010

Casual Friday

Do you get to do casual Fridays? We wear business casual in my office. Get this- I'm not even allowed to wear scrubs. And I have a ton of 'em collecting dust in my apartment. No joke. To be fair, the dress code is pretty fair and lenient. I can't wear jeans, but I get away with wearing very very casual pants (jeans in disguise actually) and even sneakers whenever I so choose.

That said... last year when I asked if we could have Casual Friday and wear jeans, my boss said, "sure, of course you can wear jeans on Friday. And you can even leave early, too. Go home and start searching I-need-a-job-dot-com".
He would say that to me. A lot. This boss began to expect what he considered to be outlandish requests to fly out of my Uptown Girl mouth. And I began to expect bossman to refer me to search the internet for job opportunities.
Oh the memories. I now have a different boss who might not humor my frequent humorous requests. Alas, I will have to settle for causal Fridays instead and cause a little raucous here in the office. It is way too quiet today and we need a little action... even if it lands my coworkers and me on I-need-a-job-dot-com. nbd. Any office prank ideas you'd like to share? Please do bc I need some ammunition.


DeNae said...

No office pranks from me, cuz I work from home. But this made me smile! I especially liked the chickens!

City John said...

here's a doozy for you (did i just say doozy?): yearrrss ago, while at an office where i worked, this co-worker of mine whom i shared the office with, would engage in office pranks and jokes on one upping the other each time..well this one time, while i was in a lonnnng meeting, he had ordered or somehow gotten hold of boxes and boxes of packets of sugar (i was known for adding a lot of sugar - like 7 or 8 at a time into my coffee). anyhow, he took about 9,000 packets of sugar and put them all over my desk, chair, inside my chair, inside desk, in my backpack, my car i had at that time, inside the lining of my jacket like i was shop lifting for sugar.... inside my books, everywhere...lets just say, 11 months later, after i had resigned for another job, i was still finding packets of sugar-in my car, everywhere...hence why city john has a sweet tooth ;)

Alice said...

I had this fake poop pile. Yeah fake poop pile. I don't know where it came from, but it looked like a honest to God pile of poop. I used to leave it in random places then laugh to myself when people would come into my office to complain about some prankster and the poop pile. Human Resources at it's finest. ;)

M-Cat said...

I'm not clever enough for office pranks. I'm usually the one who gets pranked. Or the one who shoots off her mouth with inappropriate comments in staff mtg. Did you know you can utter "that's what she said" in almost ANY situation and have it be funny?

That said, we are so casual it's pathetic. Only if I have a meeting involving physicians, or ceo's do I actually don professional gear. otherwise it's jeans, and in the summer - capris' and flip flops. Wednesday's are the best though, I work from home. So jammies all day.

I got a great job!

Amanda said...

I work in marketing and we have lots of specialty items laying around, including exercise bands. my coworker used to shoot them over the cubicle wall at me...he'd yell..."INCOMING!" and then throw them. And we also have lots of funny voices that we use. Maybe you should try the one trick....making all your W sounds into Wh sounds. "Whorld Whide Wheb".

Uptown Girl said...

DeNae- I always love those chickens. They're so silly.

City John- I may just call you Sugar from now on. Although Vic may not like that...

Alice- YOU= TOO MUCH! HR is supposed to be the example! Do you now pull that prank on your kids?

M-Cat- I'm so asking my boss if we can do PJ Wednesdays. good one.

Amanda- your office sounds fun! I'm gonna say INCOMING every time someone enters my office today :) fun fun.