Friday, March 19, 2010

oh, you want my digits?

I think someone should start a Facebook Group called "Can I... can I... can I get your number Uptown Girl??". Apparently it's the latest and greatest thing to do.

I had three people ask for my digits this week and one simply offer his own.
What is going on in the universe? Oh, thank you for asking. I will fill you in.

I went to this running club on Wednesday for the second time. Yes, it was St. Patrick's Day. Yes, I love all things Irish. Yes, I punked out on celebrating this year so that I could run. Yes, I am a major athlete now, go figure. I was running at the same pace as a couple of other girls and we ran our marathon our 3.5 miles together. After the run, two girls asked me for my phone number so we can run together again. I'm pretty excited because I've been hoping and praying for a running partner to help me stay motivated. Awesome.

Next. Last night I went to see my coworker's band play. One of the residents (aka doctors-in-training) I work with asked me for my phone number so that he and I could coordinate taking the train downtown to the concert. Did I end up on a date with him last night? Maybe. That remains unclear... he was quite attentive... and he did buy my drinks... what else would I want in a date??

Last but not least, a guy I've been emailing with and def stalking interested in via internet dating (as interested as you can get without meeting someone...) finally asked me to get drinks and gave me his number. Way to step up that E-game. What a baller. I suppose that even though I don't call boys as a rule, I'll be calling this one. Now is when I miss the days before Caller ID and *69. What I would give for a drive by call. Oh to call, hear his voice, and hang up. A girl can dream. Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories...

With all the digits flying to and fro, I'm starting to feel a little bit like Yvonne here.


kado! said...

how cool about the running partners, and how funny about the e-mail guy! Hope it works out and provides a fun date!!! Can't wait to hear about it!

Sarsh722 said...

first, congrats on the run and new running friends! I've been meaning to try out a running club forever, and this might be the kick in the pants I need.

and snaps on all the men coming your way! it always seems like it's feast or famine when it comes to guys, and there's nothing like a slew of guys coming your way to make the beginning of spring seem even better.

DeNae said...

Hello?? Can't you use a phone booth? The drive-by / hang-up pre-date phone call is a time honored tradition. I'm pretty sure Alexander Graham Bell paced the room, wringing his hands and muttering, "OK, just dial. When Watson answers, I'll just hang up. He'll never know it was me."

Amanda said...

Star 69 that is OLD SCHOOLS. *sigh* But you're kicking ass with these digits, girl! Go on now!

M-Cat said...

Your good to get a running partner. I'm a wierd one and like to run it solo.

And can't wait to hear more about internet dude

Uptown Girl said...

I too can't wait to hear more about the internet dude. We STILL haven't connected via phone... is this a missed connection? Time will tell. Regardless though, even without him that whole "when it rains it pours" thing is working for me - it's pouring!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Maria...basicly why are you surprised?! um your gorgeous! and you own it. so thats why men are being sucked in like a fly to the street light...:D

Alice said...

I miss calling an hanging up....those were the days. haha!

*67 on a cell phone gets your number blocked and can't be *69ed....please don't ask me how I know this or how often I currently use this. :D

I've missed you while my computer has been dead.

Uptown Girl said...

Anna- I <3 you like a fly loves a streetlight.

Alice- I must try that *67 sometime. this could be the beginning of a new phone-prank era in my life! I've missed you too!