Thursday, March 4, 2010

date recap continued... a recap recap

Remember yesterday when I described Bachelor #2? Well he has since changed his tune. Probably after somehow finding my blog or catching a glimpse of me on TMZ.

Not two hours after I posted about the lack of follow-up to our date, Bachelor #2 texted me. I was half excited and half annoyed. I mean, I had just flipped that little imaginary switch in my mind that internally ended things with the Pilot (since he had flown out of sight).

I waited until after work to text back. We texted back and forth maybe 2 texts each and then Mr. Pilot answered my Q (about what cities he was flying to) kind of bluntly. He answered but didn't ask me a question. And I didn't know what to say, if I should text back, or if I should leave it at that. I was lost in the texting world and in need of some guidance. I needed a texting expert.

Once I was home hours later, I discussed the situation with my sister Liza. We couldn't figure out what was going on and Liza said, "Bina would know!". So, I called my teenage sister, Bina, to get her advice. At 14-and-a-half she is Queen of the Text after all. I knew she would know proper texting etiquette. Bina told me that she would be insulted by the last text, but that since the Pilot started the texting this offset that last response cancelling it out. Bina expertly formulated my next text, including an aloof line letting the Pilot know that I was now at home (in hopes he might call rather than text), and asking if he was looking forward to his trip.

His response was again a conversation ender. "Yes very excited..." I quickly forwarded this to Bina who wrote:
Bina- "did he do the dot dot dot?"
Uptown Girl- "yep"
Bina- "ok dump him like a hot tamale"
UG- "Hah! k"
Bina- "well unless u really like him and u r willing to work it out"
UG- "Maybe if he ever calls"
Bina- "ok well keep shining little flower"
UG- "I'm a star!"
Bina- "yay fly little bird fly! :)"

What is with this texting epidemic? I am not a fan. I mean, I text. I text for informational purposes, in addition to real conversations on the phone and face-to-face. Not as a sole means of communication. It is so impersonal. And so confusing.
I'm thinking: What did that dot dot dot mean?
Thinking: Was I supposed to text back?
Thinking: Was that a goodbye?
Thinking: Why am I picking apart this ellipsis punctuation?
Thinking: Why don't I add "Total Eclipse of the Heart" to my iPod?
Thinking: Why am I texting this guy at all?
Thinking: Why doesn't he use his actually voice to talk to me?
Thinking: I'm done with the Pilot. Again. Unless maybe he calls me for real. Fo shizzle my nizzle lemon drizzle.

Phewf. Glad that's done. And I'm grateful to my besties and sisters and faithful blog followers for all the support and advice during the beginning stages of insanitydating. I've discovered that I hate the early stages of dating. And the middle. And the end. I may turn down all future men and dates and stick to my stalkers like Jenna on 30 Rock.


Liza said...

Laughing out Loud. you are hilario Uptown goddess!

Bina said...

hahah! You can always send your texting questions my way ;)

City John said...

so much is lost in the world of "dot dot dot". its gone from total eclipse of the heart to total eclipse of the dot...I'll give you a male's POV (point of view) on this...the right kind of guy, who is "swoon worthy" will make all efforts to let you know he likes you and wants to pursue you and not be so vague about it. if he does like you, it means he is not the kind of guy who will make full efforts with you..and as a uptown girl, you need a man who is willing to go all out for you come rain or shine. if he doesn't like you, then it means this dotster is being vague about it and should man up about it either way. you deserve a man who is going to get on his horse and come down with flowers ala richard gere in that movie with julia roberts - okay over dramatic, but you get the dot, i mean point...

Cathy said...

Texting confuses me too. That guys sounds like he's not worth it. Is it so hard for him to call and have an actual conversation?

Amanda said...

Yeah, I do enjoy texting but it is confusing. I mean, I never know how soon to text back, but then when I wait to long I will forget. I mean I don't want it to look like I'm totally lame and just doing nothing but waiting for a text.

But I also want to say, I HATED dating with a passion. Seriously, why do guys do the things they do? Why would he start texting but then end it like that? Thank GOD for 14 year old girls!!

P.S. I totally am going to start saying "fly birdie fly!

The Artisann/Ann-tidote said...

i love the last two posts! i realized when i left you in the cab that i had NOT heard about the pilot date! remember you offered to have him fly me to new york in the midst of the snow storm..

alas, he's not for you, and someone better will come along, or at least more entertaining :)

Uptown Girl said...

Liza- come back anytime ;)

Bina- i'll text them

City John- YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! and hilario :)

Cathy- and the first convo we had was an hour! I had to end the call. wtf...

Amanda- boys are so dumb. Maybe I should tell this Pilot to "fly birdie fly"!

Uptown Girl said...

Ann- yeah at this point he is so not worth discussing anymore! unless he can fly us around the country in which case I love him.

rita said...

That's the spirit! Use him for every free flight you can wring out of him and then let him fly. Alone.